UWindsor Law faculty releases steps to address anti-Black racism

January 13, 2021
The University of Windsor’s Law faculty has released a list of planned steps to address anti-Black racism. CBC reports that steps include an “independent review” of anti-Black racism at UWindsor, more scholarships for Black and other racialized communities, and expanding staff training in anti-Black racism. “This is an iterative process, it’s sort of an ongoing communication, dialogue,” explained Christopher Waters, dean of UWindsor’s Law faculty. “There’s no moment of saying, ‘we’re finished with combating anti-Black racism.’” The article says that some community members have indicated that they would like to see the steps go farther. “There’s always room for more and I’m especially concerned, and RAACES is also, to [not] see Black leadership at the top,” said UWindsor Professor and RAACES member Dr Richard Douglass-Chin. “And so that’s an area where I think there’s room for a lot of improvement across the board.” CBC (ON)