uWindsor president commits to making institution a preferred destination for more students

February 6, 2013

In an address Tuesday, University of Windsor president Alan Wildeman said the institution must become a "preferred destination for more students" if it hopes to reverse a trend of lagging enrolment and chronic underfunding. In the past 2 decades, enrolment at competing Ontario institutions rose between 44% and 110%, while uWindsor enrolment lagged, Wildeman said. That problem has been worsened by a government trend to align enrolment more closely to funding, he said. The completion of the engineering building, the relocation of campuses downtown, and the location of the border with the US can ensure the institution is able to increase enrolment by improving the student experience, Wildeman said. One way to offer a unique education experience is for uWindsor to focus on its location and stress programs that fit area needs. "Let's be known as a place that is about healthy Great Lakes, viable and safe communities, sustainable industry and understanding borders," he said. "I would bet in a blind test, if someone listed those themes, the University of Windsor would be the only institution you would pick as being the place where that particular set of grand challenges is being pursued." uWindsor Daily News | Windsor Star