uWindsor threatens cuts to benefits, issues deadline in labour dispute with faculty

July 8, 2014

Members of the Windsor University Faculty Association (WUFA) face significant cuts to their employee benefits if they do not accept a 2-year wage freeze. uWindsor President Alan Wildeman told the union that unless a tentative contract is in place by midnight on July 7, the university will no longer contribute to pension plans, issue reimbursements for professional development expenses, collect union dues, or pay health insurance benefits to WUFA members. uWindsor will also suspend the grievance and arbitration provisions in the collective agreement. Wildeman told Blackburn News that “every employee at the university, except the faculty, have taken at least two years of base zero percent on their wages and benefits. I’m simply asking faculty members to do the same.” Union President Anne Forrest described the step as “unprecedented” and warned that it could sour the relationship between faculty and administration even after the labour dispute is resolved, and lead to future difficulties in recruiting and retaining faculty. uWindsor has been in a legal lockout position since June 17. More developments are expected overnight. Windsor Star | Blackburn News | WUFA

Postscript: July 8, 2014

The University of Windsor will not cut benefits to members of the Windsor University Faculty Association, in spite of the contents of a letter sent to the union last week. Faculty members received a letter on Monday indicating that all action would be deferred until a later date. “I don’t know what to make of it,” said WUFA President Anne Forrest. WUFA held a rally at noon on Tuesday as talks continued between the union and the university. Blackburn News | Windsor Star