UWinnipeg Axworthy Health & RecPlex set up as last-resort shelter for wildfire evacuees

August 9, 2021
The University of Winnipeg’s Axworthy Health & RecPlex has been set up as a last-resort shelter for wildfire evacuees in case the number of evacuees exceed the space available in Winnipeg and Brandon hotels. The shelter, which is currently non-operational, contains 280 cots, and will be able to hold 500-600 people. If the shelter is used, families would be grouped together with adequate physical distancing from other groups, and would be able to access UWinnipeg’s shower and bathroom facilities. “We’ve not actually used … this facility before,” said Jason Small, the Canadian Red Cross’s senior communications manager for Manitoba and Nunavut. “We had set up once [for the 2019 snowstorm]. We didn't need it then, and I’m really hoping [for] the same at this time.” CBC | Winnipeg Free Press (MB)