uWinnipeg department chairs raise concerns over austerity measures

March 20, 2012

2 University of Winnipeg department chairwomen are worried austerity measures will eliminate courses and threaten the integrity of the institution. The sociology department chair says 12 full courses will be cut for next year, which means there won't be enough courses left for students to pick from in order to graduate. The modern languages and literature department chair says the German-language program is in danger of closing in 2 years. She has initiated an e-mail campaign to get students and other professors to pressure president Lloyd Axworthy to free up funding. In an open letter to the media, Axworthy says uWinnipeg faces an annual funding hurdle, different from other Manitoba PSE institutions. While uManitoba and Brandon U receive $12,000 per student from the province, uWinnipeg receives just below $6,500 per student, which Axworthy calls "a historical imbalance that goes back decades and now exists for no reason." He concludes his letter stating that "it is my sincere hope that the broader community joins me in this request" for an equal funding formula, "so that collectively we can continue to nurture our leaders of tomorrow." Winnipeg Free Press | President's Letter