uWinnipeg ethics board rejects stem cell project following questions about private partner’s credentials

January 16, 2015

The University of Winnipeg is backing out of a joint project it had proposed with Regenetek Research, a firm that sells stem-cell treatment to persons with multiple sclerosis. The decision, made by uWinnipeg’s ethics committee, comes in the wake of an investigation by the Winnipeg Free Press that called into question the credentials and research of Regenetek owner Doug Broeska. The Free Press reported that Broeska did not receive a PhD from the University of Manitoba as he had claimed; nor did he have one from Brightland University, which the paper says does not exist. Moreover, the Free Press said that Broeska’s claims that his clinical trial had been approved by “several” institutional ethics review boards was also false. “The ethics review had some questions—about the project, the protocol, and about Regenetek—and they were waiting for followup. At a certain point, the right questions were asked,” said Jino Distasio, uWinnipeg’s AVP Research and Innovation. Winnipeg Free Press