uWinnipeg Students’ Association seeking reserved gym hours for women, LGBT, nonbinary community members

September 2, 2016

The University of Winnipeg Students' Association is requesting that one of the university’s gyms create designated hours for women, members of the LGBT community, and people who identify their gender as non-binary. The UWSA’s LGBT Director Jacq Pelland says that a recent survey showed that many students “felt very uncomfortable accessing the gym services and they either went very infrequently or just not at all. … [They reported] unwanted staring, comments, flirting [and] approaches.”Pelland acknowledges the importance of taking action against the individuals who are specifically responsible for reported harassment, but adds that harassment has persisted in spite of these efforts, and that reserved gym hours are a key way to allow certain members of the uWinnipeg community to feel safe going to the gym. CBC