Vanier College bans fried food and soft drink sales on campus

September 12, 2014

As part of an effort to promote healthy food and lifestyle choices on campus, Vanier College has banned the sale of fried foods and soft drinks on campus. The Quebec CEGEP estimates that it will lose close to $40,000 in revenue because of the change, but Normand Bernier, Director General of Vanier, said it will be worth the loss if the ban helps students develop healthier eating habits. The decision to ban sales of fried foods and soft drinks was supported by Vanier’s administration, as well as the Vanier College Students' Association (VCSA). "It's hard to deny that fried foods and soft drinks are enjoyable on occasion; however, today's students have become more aware of the health risks of these types of foods. That is why the VCSA fully supports the ban of fried foods and soft drinks on campus,” said VCSA President Majed Abou Alkir. The VCSA has also launched Jake’s Café, a co-op venture that will give students experience working in a restaurant setting while allowing them to have input into campus food choices. Vanier News Release | Montreal Gazette