Vice-chair “bewildered” after being removed from Banff Centre board

August 24, 2021
Former Progressive Conservative MLA Donna Kennedy-Glans is reportedly “bewildered” after being removed from the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity’s Board of Governors. CBC reports that Kennedy-Glans's appointment was rescinded by the Government of Alberta at the request of the Banff Centre’s leadership, who cited her “continuing and varied failure to adhere to Banff Centre’s code of ethics.” Kennedy-Glans said that she participated in an interview with CBC in May in which she commented on the UCP, which in turn generated an “incredible outburst” from the Banff Centre CEO and the board chair. “I was admonished and really browbeaten for a conversation that had nothing to do with the Banff Centre, had nothing to do with post-secondary education,” Kennedy-Glans said. “There is nothing I have done that is wrong. I have violated nothing.” CBC | Globe and Mail (AB)