Waterloo’s innovation hub not dependent on BlackBerry

October 8, 2013

The Waterloo region’s rise as an international hub for innovation neither begins nor ends with BlackBerry’s successes and challenges, writes University of Waterloo President Feridun Hamdullahpur in a recent Globe and Mail op-ed. Hamdullahpur explains the area’s long history of innovation success, beginning with a leading button manufacturing industry in Waterloo and the largest producer of leather products in the British Empire in Kitchener. Now, says Hamdullahpur, the region is home to multiple tech startups; for example, the VeloCity incubator’s alum startup Bufferbox was recently acquired by Google. “BlackBerry has been a massive benefit to our community, but its competitiveness is not a litmus test for the vibrancy and viability of the community that enabled it,” writes Hamdullahpur. Globe and Mail