Wearable technology to have major impact on learning and teaching

October 23, 2014

Campus Technology has published an interview with Emory Craig, Director of E-Learning and Instructional Technology at the College of New Rochelle, and Maya Georgieva, Associate Director for Innovation in Teaching and Learning at New York University’s Stern School of Business, in which they discuss the future of wearable technology in education. Craig describes "wearables" as a “continuation of the smartphone industry,” but says that “they change everything,” offering new insights into how minds and bodies function. Craig says that wearables will enable new forms of feedback that could revolutionize teaching across a variety of disciplines. Georgieva says that educators are already experimenting with Google Glass, the Narrative Clip, and Oculus Rift, and that they have great potential for online teaching and learning, as well as for students with disabilities. She encourages institutions not to force technology into learning, but to offer space to play. Significant challenges remain, though, and Craig emphasizes that IT departments will have to plan carefully to adapt to these disruptive technologies. Campus Technology