What is Academic Quality? asks HEQCO president

March 30, 2017

“When I started working at the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario[,] I asked the obvious question, given the title of the organization: What is quality?” writes HEQCO President Harvey Weingarten. Despite his attempts to research the issue, the author notes that he “got no clarity” on the issue because “there appeared to be no consensus on a definition of quality.” Weingarten adds that after much thought and discussion, he came to understand that “simply put, high quality results when all needs and requirements are achieved. Low quality results when they are not.” This definition, the author notes, raises the further question of what our society requires from postsecondary institutions. Weingarten notes that this can differ by institution, but concludes that it ultimately boils down to giving students the chance to “acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies they need to lead successful lives.” HEQCO