What are Canada's best and worst jobs?

April 26, 2012

After surveying hundreds of occupations tracked by Statistics Canada, Canadian Business has identified the 50 best-paying, highest-demand career choices today. The top 10 jobs ranked by the magazine are: petroleum engineer; nursing supervisor; electrical contractor; data analyst; chemistry specialist; health policy consultant; construction manager; lawyer; transportation manager; and economist. Times are tough if you're working one of the following jobs: machine operator; plastic products assembler; nursery and greenhouse worker; jeweller; harvest labourer; fish processor; actor; photo and film processor; general office clerk; and knitter and weaver. Canadian Business notes that none of the jobs in its top 10 list rank first in either median wage or 5-year wage growth. The best-paying job category on its list belongs to pharmacists, who have a median income of $93,600. Canada's Best Jobs 2012