What will PSE look like in 2020?

September 26, 2013

A new report by the UK’s Observatory on Borderless Higher Education predicts the future of higher education, based on interviews with 21 international education professionals. The report finds that the impact of MOOCs on pedagogy and university business models will be “profound,” but “an evolutionary shift rather than an avalanche of change.” On student mobility, the paper predicts that the demand for PSE worldwide will continue to grow, but at a slower rate than in the past 2 decades. Also, the overall demand for PSE will outpace the growth of international student mobility due to an increase in PSE institutions in developing countries, and a growing number of opportunities available for international students to study from their home country through Western institutions. However, branch-campus activity will also become more intra-regional and “south-south” in nature, says the report, adding that China and Malaysia will rise as exporters of higher education. The report also predicts more degrees that can be obtained credit-by-credit at various institutions; decreased funding, which will lead to more “user pays” models, and more public and private institutions partnerships. Inside Higher Ed