When should a newly minted PhD negotiate a job offer?

March 23, 2017

“I only got one [job] offer, and I’m a brand new PhD, so I assume I don’t really have the standing to negotiate anything,” writes Karen Kelskey as she reflects on her first tenure-track job offer after finishing school. Kelskey notes that many recent PhD graduates mistakenly assume that they cannot negotiate a job offer if they do not have a competing offer or a high-calibre record. Yet Kelskey contends that every applicant has the potential to negotiate certain parts of a job offer. To this end, the author offers tips on when and how to negotiate an offer, from tailoring one’s negotiating to the institution in question to knowing the norms surrounding job offers in one's field. Finally, Kelskey tells readers to watch out for “red flags” that might provoke an institution to rescind an offer. Chronicle Vitae