Winnipeg Technical College to undergo name change, expanded role

April 25, 2014

Manitoba has introduced legislation that would expand the role of the Winnipeg Technical College under a new name, the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT). Under the new legislation, MITT would be able to offer expanded opportunities in skills training for secondary and postsecondary students. WTC currently provides hands-on training for jobs in the fields of health care and human services, information and business technology, and the skilled trades. The new legislation will encourage and enable access for all Manitoba secondary students, provide greater recognition of MITT certificates and diplomas, and increase partnerships with industry to provide training for in-demand jobs. Calling the legislation a “revolutionary revisioning” of education, John Schubert, President of McCaine Electric Ltd and WTC board Chair, stated “the legislation revitalizes our mandate and identity, and makes our facility a unique institution in the province that combines high school and college in a supportive, student‑centred environment.” WTC News Release | Manitoba News Release | Winnipeg Free Press | Metro News