WLU board approves recommendations of prioritization report

March 2, 2015

The board of governors at Wilfrid Laurier University has approved the recommendations of the Integrated Planning and Resource Management (IPRM) report, which identifies academic and administrative priorities and an alternative resource allocation model. “IPRM is an important priority-setting process that enables Laurier to clearly identify those programs that, if resourced appropriately, will distinguish the university and allow it to continue to excel,” said board Chair Jamie Martin. “In approving the report recommendations, the board of governors has given the university the tools it needs to move forward in making strategic decisions.” The approval of the recommendations provides high-level strategic direction for WLU, but specific program recommendations will be decided on and implemented according to appropriate academic and administrative processes. WLU will also move toward a "responsibility-centred" budget model. The WLU Faculty Association had expressed several concerns about the report's recommendations. WLU News