WLU faculty voice opposition to proposed program cuts

January 15, 2015

Wilfrid Laurier University’s new Integrated Planning and Resource Management (IPRM) process is facing opposition from faculty, who have taken the fight to the media. Robert Kristofferson, President of the WLU Faculty Association, told the Waterloo Record that the plan has the support of a minority of faculty. “We advised [the board of governors] that the faculty councils representing a majority of faculty were against the process. And we urged them to return the academic decision making to the university senate, which is its rightful place,” said Kristofferson. “At the beginning, it was stated this was just a good idea for universities to prioritize programs. As time unfolded and the administration of the university started to say there was a budget crisis, it became much more attached to that.” Kristofferson described the process as “destructive to morale.” Mary-Louise Byrne, a faculty member who co-chaired the consultations that produced the report, said that WLU is entering a period of austerity budgeting and that decisions must be made about what programs will be supported. She added that no decisions have been made, and that none will be made until after the board of governors endorses the recommendations. OCUFA Blog | Waterloo Record

Postscript: December 18, 2015

Wilfird Laurier University Senate has passed a series of motions endorsing the recommendations made in the institution’s controversial Integrated Planning and Resource Management report. The Senate voted to support the recommendations made by the Resource Management Team, the Administrative Priorities Team, the Academic Priorities Team, and the Planning Task Force. The WLU board of governors will hold a special meeting to discuss the IPRM report on February 2. “Making choices is essential. But boy is it hard,” said WLU President Max Blouw.  WLU News Release