WLU, NWT extend research community partnership to 2030

August 7, 2019

Wilfrid Laurier University has renewed a decade-long partnership with the Government of the Northwest Territories that will bring new research expertise and training opportunities to the Territories for another ten years. Thus far, the partnership has already seen the opening of WLU’s Yellowknife research office to establish a year-round presence and deepen partnerships in the NWT, in addition to seeing WLU lead projects in the NWT involving over 15 different universities across Canada. “The collaboration between Laurier and the Government of the Northwest Territories has resulted in more benefits than any of us envisioned when we began our partnership in 2010,” said WLU President Deborah MacLatchy. “Continuing our partnership will enable us to deepen our understanding of the challenges facing Canada’s North.” WLU (ON | NWT)