WLU president, professor apologize to TA chastized for presentation of Peterson clip

November 22, 2017

Wilfrid Laurier University Teaching Assistant Lindsay Shepherd has released a recording of a meeting with two professors and a university official that saw her chastised for how she presented a clip of University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson to her class. In the recording, her professors reportedly condemn her for showing her tutorial students a clip from TVOntario in which Peterson and another U of T professor debate the issue of gender and pronoun use. A Globe and Mail editorial argues that “the condemnation of Laurier's handling of the incident has been near-universal.” Yesterday, WLU President Deborah MacLatchy released a statement apologizing to Shepherd, adding that “the conversation I heard [on the recording] does not reflect the values and practices to which Laurier aspires.” WLU Professor Nathan Rambukkana has also published an open letter to Shepherd apologizing for his role in the meeting at which Shepherd was chastised. Globe and Mail | National Post (Recording) | WLU (President's Apology) | WLU (Rambukkana)