WLU president says employers should do the training, not universities

September 3, 2013

Wilfrid Laurier University president Max Blouw provides an argument for universities as educators rather than job-training institutions, in a recent op-ed in the Globe and Mail. Blouw expresses the opinion that a false expectation exists in the sector that graduates will land a “high-level,” “highly-relevant” job straight out of university, and that universities should not be expected to create “plug and play” graduates who can “fit immediately into a specific job in which they will spend the rest of their lives. Blouw says that, instead, it should be the responsibility of the employer to train graduates who university has provided with “broad intellectual and personal development.” Blouw makes the case that when employers depend on institutions to do the job training, they risk hiring “cookie-cutter workers, [which] eventually [hurts] their own growth.” Globe and Mail