Wood-fuelled plant to heat SFU Burnaby campus

April 21, 2011

Simon Fraser University and SFU Community Trust are partnering with Corix Utilities to develop a community-based energy utility that will provide thermal energy to the Burnaby Mountain community. The distict energy system, involving a high-efficiency heating plant using recycled wood waste as the primary fuel source, will produce heat for SFU's entire campus and future homes in the UniverCity residential district. The new central heating plant, in conjunction with an option for green electricity generation, will reduce the university's heating greenhouse gas emissions by 80%, saving the institution the cost of carbon offsets. The combined heat and power project will have a total capacity of 36 megawatts, enough to supply over 90% of the total annual energy needs for SFU and UniverCity combined. The University of Northern British Columbia and Nova Scotia Agricultural College use wood-fuelled plants to heat their campuses. SFU Backgrounder