XanEdu, AcademicPub merge custom courseware services

March 27, 2014

Custom courseware platforms XanEdu and AcademicPub are currently merging to respond to a growing demand for online educational material solutions. “We know that the custom materials component is growing at a double-digit pace and textbooks are declining at a double-digit pace,” says XanEdu CEO John DeBoer. “The market hasn’t shifted all the way to that level yet at this point, but it’s moving in that direction....everybody’s trying to gain access to that as quickly as possible.” The merger will mean that the company can offer either full-service custom courseware services, or do-it-yourself online services; it is also working with “early adopters” to offer corporate training materials. AcademicPub in 2012 announced agreements with Simon Fraser University and York University to provide affordable print and digital textbooks and other course materials to students. Inside Higher Ed