YorkU launches pan-university capstone classroom

August 12, 2019

York University is pilot testing a new, full-year capstone course that will bring upper-year students together into multidsciplinary teams focused on solving real-world challenges. C4: The Cross-Campus Capstone Classroom allows students to solve challenges posed by organizations such as the Yonge Street Mission, Panoplo Inc, and the Al and Malka Green Artists’ Health Centre. “The world along with its challenges and opportunities are intrinsically multidisciplinary; however, many degrees are not—they are typically disciplinary in focus,” said Career Development Coordinator Carolyn Steele. “C4 gives participants the opportunity to collaborate with students from other majors as well as with professors and professionals outside their departments. In this way, they come to know what they have to offer the world as well as the value of their discipline and their York degree.” YorkU (ON)