YorkU reacts to inflammatory article, issues notice of libel

October 8, 2013

York University has issued a notice of libel to Toronto Life magazine for a recent article about sexual assaults on the YorkU campus. The article “Fortress York” examines a string of sexual assaults that occurred at YorkU, and suggests that female students live in fear and that YorkU has become “infamous for sex assaults.” YorkU President Mamdouh Shoukri issued a statement to the YorkU community that highlights the safety measures in place at the campus, and accuses Toronto Life of misrepresenting facts. “Instead of spreading distortions and misinformation, Toronto Life would better serve its readers by sticking to the facts and focusing on sexual violence as a societal concern, rather than portraying this serious issue as someone else’s problem.” The York Federation of Students also issued a statement, criticising the article for using “misleading and troubling generalizations that fail to address the systemic causes of gender-based violence in society.” According to Shoukri, YorkU does not have a higher per capita occurrence of sexual assault when compared to other areas of Toronto. Now Toronto | YorkU News | York Federation of Students News Release