YorkU removes racist anti-immigration flyers

August 18, 2014

York University has removed a series of racist flyers that were recently posted on campus. The posters, entitled “The Changing Demography of York University,” juxtapose images of past York University sports teams, which predominantly consisted of white men, with more recent teams, which are racially and ethnically diverse. The posters include racially charged anti-immigration messages. In a press release, a spokesperson for the York Federation of Students (YFS) said that students “are disturbed and appalled by these blatantly racist flyers.” The organization believed to be responsible for distributing the flyers at York has also posted similar material in nearby Brampton. The YFS called on the university to take immediate action in response to the posters. A spokesperson for YorkU said that the flyers had been posted without the university’s consent or knowledge and were removed immediately. YorkU also contacted the organization that is believed to have distributed the flyers and ordered them to cease and desist using the university’s logo and photographs. CBC | Toronto Star | YFS News Release