Young adults struggle with precarious, temporary employment

November 21, 2014

An article in the Globe and Mail sheds light on some of the challenges faced by young adults working in temporary positions, often on short-term, casual, or seasonal contracts. Not only are persons working in these precarious positions paid less in terms of salary, but they also frequently lack the benefits that are provided to full-time staff. Moreover, some young people remain in temporary positions for years or even decades in some cases. According to Statistics Canada, 13.4% of all workers in 2013 were considered temporary; among workers aged 15–24, the figure more than doubles to 29.9%. During this time, temporary workers may be reluctant to pursue proper vision or dental care for fear of out-of-pocket costs. The problems are compounded for young people who have a family and may have to pay fees for spouses or children. Many companies also offer permanent employees life insurance and disability coverage, as well as drug plans that can help alleviate the high costs of some medications; however, these benefits are rarely extended to temporary employees. Globe and Mail