Youth unemployment in Canada not so dire, but underemployment a big issue, report finds

October 30, 2012

A new Certified General Accountants Association of Canada report argues that youth unemployment in Canada is not as dire as commonly perceived. The highest level of youth unemployment during the recent economic downturn was noticeably below levels experienced during previous recessions; youth are finding work quicker than any other age group; and long-term unemployment is not common among youth, the report notes. Despite these positive trends, the report says, the big issue is underemployment. The report notes that approximately 24.6% of all youth with a university degree who were continuously employed full-time in 2005 were effectively underutilized as they were working in occupations where job requirements did not call for PSE. CGA-Canada suggests that "greater use of school-employer partnerships may help to improve the match between employers' needs and workers' skills as well as to help youth make informed decisions about their field of study." CGA-Canada News Release | Report Highlights | Full Report