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August 10, 2022

UWindsor researchers launch program to build resiliency in graduating nurses

Researchers at the University of Windsor have launched a program that will help build resiliency in graduating nurses. The program was developed after the completion of a research study that found that nurses were experiencing disrespect, unmanageable workloads, and burnout, and that many were either planning to leave or had already left the profession. The 10-week program is offered in a hybrid format. It supports nursing students as they transition to hospital-based jobs by discussing a variety of topics such as managing disrespect and recognizing burnout. It also includes simulations to help nurses build resiliency. “We’ve created an advisory committee that’s made up of nurses, nursing students and mental health experts,” said UWindsor professor and project lead Dana Menard. “They’re going to tell us what they need.” CBC | CTV News (ON)

StatCan report outlines impact of COVID-19 on university finances in 2020/2021

A recent report from Statistics Canada discusses the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on university finances in the 2020/2021 fiscal year. The report found that Canadian universities reported their highest surplus revenues since 2000/2001. The authors noted that the transitions to virtual learning environments enabled them to perform better than projected. While university revenues increased by 12.8%, tuition revenue slowed to increase by 2.7% and provincial funding continued to decrease with tuition revenue making up for the provincial drop in funding. Universities also experienced a large drop (47.5%) in product and service-based revenue. Other findings include that expenditures dropped by 3.8% and that expenditures on capital projects rose by 2%. StatCan (National)

AB offers “any kind of assistance” needed to relocate 500 school staff to Athabasca U

Demetrios Nicolaides, the Advanced Education Minister for the Government of Alberta, recently stated that he is willing to do whatever is needed, including offering funding, to relocate 500 employees to the small town of Athabasca. “I’ve offered to provide any kind of assistance that the university needs,” said Nicolaides. “They haven’t asked for any.” The Brandon Sun reports that AthabascaU President Peter Scott said that AB’s demand threatens to put the university “on the path to ruin” and questioned why AB would spend the money to attempt to move staff rather than advancing the university’s core mission of providing quality online education. In an article for Alberta Politics, David Climenhaga reported that the recent demands differ starkly from previous comments from Nicolaides about out-of-town staff, and noted that the town does not currently have sufficient housing or supports for a sudden influx of residents. Niagara Falls Review (CP) | Brandon Sun (CP) | The Tyee | Alberta Politics (AB)

Laurentian unions propose court action, cite mismanagement of retirement pension

CBC reports that Laurentian University's staff and faculty unions have proposed court action against some members of Laurentian's administration for mismanaging the Retiree Health Benefits Plan. Retirees have reportedly been cut off from the plan since Laurentian filed for insolvency. The unions have stated that this occurred because Laurentian placed plan members' payments into a single account, mixed with other funds, rather than placing it in a separate account. Laurentian is protected from lawsuits under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act while proceedings continue, but Laurentian University Staff Union president Tom Fenske states that the proposed plan of arrangement would see the unions take legal action once the proceedings are complete. CBC | CTV News (ON)

Universities need to listen to BIPOC students to address racism: Editorial

Queen's University Doctor of Science Candidate Deborah Francis has penned an article about her research on the importance of BIPOC student participation in shaping campus justice, equity, and diversity. Francis and her team use the shared decision-making approach from the health care sector to listen to BIPOC students’ experiences of how racial inequities manifest on campus. The team created a steering community of BIPOC students and leaders, which then used a critical race theory approach to identify how dominant groups perpetuate racism in university policy and practices by disregarding the experiences of BIPOC students. The Conversation (Editorial)

CBU student pledges to relaunch CBU Pre-Med Society

A Cape Breton University student has pledged to restart the CBU Pre-Med Society to help those who are preparing to take their Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), including Indigenous, Black, and international students who are interested in medical school. Society president Mykel Denny had a goal of pursuing a career in medicine, but had trouble accessing a support group to provide guidance. Denny decided to restart the then-inactive CBU Pre-Med Society since those hoping to apply to medical school would benefit from guidance on preparing for the MCAT, interviews, and volunteer work. “We’ll be opening up to every single community,” said Denny. The CBU Pre-Med society hopes to relaunch in September. Salt Wire (NS)

RDP raises Pride Flag to celebrate start of Pride Week in central AB

Red Deer Polytechnic has raised a second pride flag, in addition to the permanent Pride Flag raised in June, to celebrate the start of Central Alberta Pride Week. "We want to create an environment where people can be the best that they can be and can be themselves,” said RDP President Stuart Cullum. Students' Association of RDP president Savannah Snow has praised the school for both the permanent and temporary pride flags, stating that they make students feel safe and welcome. “I think there’s a lot more work to do in terms of inclusivity within the institution, but this is up front and centre,” said Snow. “It lets (students) know as they’re coming through the front doors that they are welcome here, they are safe here and there’s a community here for them.” Red Deer Advocate | RD News Now (AB)

UFV, UoGuelph forge agreements with FuelPositive

The University of the Fraser Valley and the University of Guelph have forged new agreements with FuelPositive Corporation. UFV and FuelPositive have signed an agreement that will see UFV Food and Agriculture Institute Director Lenore Newman take on the position of Global Food Security Advisor at FuelPositive, where she will provide guidance regarding controlled environment agriculture that can be used across Canada and across the world. UoGuelph’s Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility has also partnered with FuelPositive to support research on controlled environment agriculture. UoGuelph Professor Michael Dixon and Assistant Professor Thomas Graham will help FuelPositive pilot a controlled environment agriculture project. Financial Post (BC | ON)

YorkU, Georgina, East Gwillimbury open new northern YSpace location

York University has partnered with the Towns of Georgina and East Gwillimbury to open a new YSpace location in northern York. The YSpace Georgina Business Incubator/Accelerator Hub offers access to computers, internet, photography tools, collaboration spaces, and more to support business start-ups and existing businesses during the recovery from COVID-19. Businesses will have the opportunity to collaborate with other business owners in both an in-person and virtual format through the hub. YorkU (ON)

How new leaders can set themselves up for success: Opinion

New leaders should be careful to strategically set themselves up for success as they take on a role, writes Angel B Pérez. Pérez encourages new leaders to manage their energy to avoid damaging their health or making poor decisions, practice detachment when engaging in heated interactions to avoid personalizing anger, and make intentional decisions that will benefit themselves or the institution. The author also advises new leaders to learn to say no so that they can conserve their energy and prioritize accordingly. Inside Higher Ed (Acct. Req.) (Editorial)