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December 6, 2006

200 Subscribers and Growing

Yesterday Linda Sprinkle at Lethbridge College became the 200th subscriber to Academica's Top Ten -- welcome Linda, and all the other recent subscribers. We've been publishing on a consistent daily basis, with only one or two one-day interruptions, for more than three months. Your feedback and submissions are welcome, and if you stop receiving them, please let me know -- it's likely a technical problem at your institution.

Queen's Board Approves $115 Million for Queen's Centre

On Friday, the Queen's University Board of Trustees unanimously approved $115 million in funding for the first phase of construction on the Queen's Centre -- the largest single expenditure on construction in the university's history. The first of three phases will include the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies, the competition gymnasium (with seating for 2,000), two practice gymnasia, fitness facilities, swimming pool, locker rooms, underground parking, new student space and food facilities. Queen's news

Saskatchewan Announces $6.9 Million for SIAST

The government of Saskatchewan has just announced $6.9 million in funding for the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology, part of a $53 million commitment to increase training opportunities in the province, and address a shortage of skilled workers. With a strong economy and projected baby boomer retirements, "every aboriginal and young person in the province could be trained and there would still be a labour shortage." SIAST will launch a two-year practical nursing program at its Kelsey campus in Saskatoon. Globe & Mail

Saudi Arabia Announces $2.6 Billion University

Last week, Saudi Arabia announced the construction of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, which will open in 2008 in Thuwal, and will be open to Saudis as well as "some outstanding Muslim students from other countries." It will offer programs in microtechnology, nanotechnology, water and conservation technology, biotechnology, and information technology. Chronicle of Higher Education (requires subscription)

Chantal Kreviazuk Holds Concert for uWinnipeg

Award-winning singer/songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk, a 1990 graduate of the University of Winnipeg, announced yesterday that she will donate the proceeds from her upcoming February 19th concert in Winnipeg to launch a new multi-million-dollar Opportunity Fund at her alma mater. The fund will help to support aboriginal, new Canadian, inner-city, and other under-represented students. uWinnipeg media release

Carleton, St. Thomas, Saint Mary's Rhodes Scholars

Thanks to Top Ten readers Cindy Robinson (at Carleton) and Jeffrey Carleton (at St. Thomas U) for sending me their media releases regarding two more Canadian Rhodes Scholars. Michael Urban, a Masters student at Carleton's Norman Patterson School of International Affairs, is the fourth Carleton student to win a Rhodes Scholarship. Stephen Brosha graduated with a BA in History and Political Science from STU, and is currently serving as an officer and pilot in training in the Canadian Forces. STU's second Rhodes Scholar, Brosha looks forward to pursuing a Masters in History and Politics at Oxford. Saint Mary's University student Olivier Jarda is also a recipient of a 2007 Rhodes Scholarship, worth more than $100,000. Carleton media release | STU news

Memorial Launches New Website

On Monday, Memorial University of Newfoundland launched a "completely revamped" website, which has been in the works for over six months and reflects the new institutional brand, which was launched this past spring. The site features a new colour palette, larger typeface, improved navigation and quicklinks. In addition to RSS newsfeeds, the site includes a weekly news podcast called "Studio 1024." MUN media release

UWO President Challenges Maclean's Methodology Again

Paul Davenport, president of the University of Western Ontario, recently raised more concerns about the methodology employed by Maclean's magazine in its annual rankings. Student services were measured solely as a percentage of overall budget, without regard to depth or breadth of services, or consideration of services provided by student councils instead. Davenport also observed that the four universities that provided customized data to Maclean's all jumped in the ratings, with three of them landing in the top three positions in their category: "That has got to be more than just coincidence," he said. Western News

StatsCan Publishes College Financials, University Salaries

Statistics Canada has just released the final report of Salaries and Salary Scales for Full-Time Teaching Staff at Canadian Universities, based on the academic year 2004/5 (available free online from StatsCan's publications section of the website). Also announced yesterday are the results of the Financial Statistics of Community Colleges and Vocational Schools Survey, with data for 2004/5. The report contains income and expenditure data for all non-degree-granting colleges. University Salaries | College Financials 

Campus Webcams Reassure Helicopter Parents

It was only a matter of time: nanny-cams to watch infants, webcams for daycare centres, and now a "Hi Mom!" campus webcam at Cornell University so parents can see their freshman kids. For almost a decade, campus webcams have been directed at prospective students and nostalgic alumni, but this year a small number of campuses have deliberately provided the webcams to reassure over-anxious parents of Millennial kids. Cornell reports the webcam page gets up to 60,000 views a month, making it one of the most popular pages on their site. Christian Science Monitor