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January 11, 2007

Ontario Research Fund Matches $11 Million in CFI Funding

Yesterday, the Ontario government announced $11 million in funding for 68 research projects at Brock, Carleton, Laurentian, McMaster, Queens, Ryerson, Guelph, UOIT, Ottawa, Toronto, Waterloo, Western, Windsor, Wilfred Laurier, and York. The funds are meant to invest in world-class research and to give institutions the ability to keep a technological edge in a global context. UToronto was the big winner with almost $3 million received; Guelph came in at $1.7 million, Western $1.4 million, Queens and Ottawa at $1.1 million. Ont News Release

Nobel Laureate New UWaterloo Quantum Computing Chair

Sir Anthony J. Leggett has taken the new position of the Mike and Ophelia Lazaridis Distinguished Research Chair and as a research professor with the Institute for Quantum Computing at UWaterloo. He will advise on research direction, help young scholars develop their research programs, and deliver public lectures, among other responsibilities. Sir Anthony will be giving a public lecture at UW at 2pm on Friday, January 26 entitled "Does the Everyday World Really Obey Quantum Mechanics?" 570 News | UW News Release 

UToronto Launches New Concurrent Teaching Program

UToronto has announced that it is launching a concurrent degree program, allowing students to graduate with a BEd as well as a BPHE, BMus, HonBA, or HonBSc. 240 students are expected to enroll in the program's first year. The full 5-year Concurrent Teacher Education Program (CTEP) will start in September 2007, and students with a full year UofT study under their belts will be eligible to join in early 2008. Unlike other similar programs in Ontario, students will begin studying education, and will have 120 days of fieldwork in the first year. Media Release

Anti-Abortion Club Now Official at Carleton University

Carleton Lifeline was approved this week as a Carleton University student club and is eligible for funding from the Carleton University Student Association. In December, Carleton updated its discrimination policy to ban the use of its space and resources for any activity "that seeks to limit or remove a woman's right to choose." A university official says that in four years, she has never seen a club denied at a certification meeting, such as the one that approved Lifelife. Student complaints of discrimination by the club will provoke an investigation by the clubs office. CBC | Carleton Charlatan 

False Alarm Rings Review for Security Practices

The September shooting spree at Montreal's Dawson College is hardly forgotten in the minds of city residents. Students, staff and faculty followed police directives calmly on Tuesday while police pursued a suspected threat on Concordia's Loyola Campus. Previous incidents such as the Henry F. Hall shootings and student riots have created an awareness of security for educational institutions in the area. Yesterday's search revealed that the sheer size of Loyola, home to 6,000 resident students and more than a dozen buildings, presents a strong obstacle to isolating threats -- an obstacle that the campus is now fully aware of. Montreal Gazette 

US Graduates Unprepared for A Changing Workforce

Liberal Education and America's Promise (LEAP) has released the results of a 10 year effort by AAC&U. The report surveyed 305 executives as well as 510 recent graduates of 4 year college programs, and concludes that colleges need to break down the division between liberal arts and professional streams. Employers want schools to refocus on providing a broad knowledge-base, both intellectual and practical skills, personal and social responsibility, and applied learning. Two-thirds of employers feel that graduates lack the tools to succeed in a global economy. The report and its respondents recommend an in-depth major or specialty paired with broad knowledge, including areas such as science, global cultures, technology and society. AAC&U Media Release

Young Adults Worry About Money and Not Much Else

Today's 18-25 year olds are a more tolerant and optimistic generation, according to a national survey of 579 young adults and 922 adults aged 26 and over (Pew Research Center). Younger respondents are split close to 50/50 on same-sex marriage, whereas those over 25 are 64% opposed. 81% of 18-25 year olds cite their top life goal as being rich, which compares dramatically to a 1967 study of freshmen that showed 85.8% felt it important to develop "a meaningful philosophy of life." Another sign of the times is that 130 of the respondents did not have a landline and took the 75 question survey on their cellphones. USA Today

Facebook Goes Mobile

Any registered user of can now surf a phone-friendly version of the site, send messages, wall-posts and pokes, and upload photos and feeds -- all from their cell phone. The update to Facebook's own newsblog is marked "Uploaded via Facebook Mobile." Observers suggest that the primary uses of the site (wasting time and trolling for information) are not overly appealing when faced with the expense of mobile browsing and the speed of SMS. The ability to upload photos and messages from your phone builds on the popularity of "texting," and potentially makes cam phones more versatile. Facebook Blog |

Strip Club Targets UGuelph Students with Tuition Offer

The University of Guelph has banned any promotions of the wet t-shirt contest being offered by The Manor, Guelph's highly visible adult entertainment hot spot. Weekly amateur nights will culminate in a final competition, and the winner will receive up to $5,000 towards tuition (or in cash if they are not a student). The owner says that a third of his staff are university students, and that the amateur night has always been popular with the same demographic. KW Record

South Dakota Students Studying Love

Starting in February, the University of Sioux Falls will offer a credit course entitled "Finding Dates Worth Keeping." The course is offered through the USF Learning Institute, which also offers seminars on wellness, job hunting and business communication. The instructor of the course -- a relationships counselor, licensed therapist, and married for 28 years -- says, "We go to college and get an education. But our love relationships impact us more than anything else." CNN