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January 16, 2007

Ontario Universities Continue to Grow

The OUAC numbers are in and Ontario university applications are up 5.2% (3,908 applicants) from last year. A total of 79,568 secondary school students applied for first-year admission to Ontario universities in Fall 2007. COU is now looking for $100 million in increased provincial funding to accomodate the increase, but have yet to receive funds to accomodate a similar boost in enrollment last year. 2006-07 enrollment is 40% higher than in 2000-01. COU media release

$400 Million Construction Boom at uSask

uSaskatchewan's 100-year-old campus is undergoing several large-scale construction projects, resulting in the biggest period of change in the school's history. $6.2 million are going into the stadium and clubhouse facilities. $250 million are going into the Academic Health Sciences Centre, where a new 7-storey building will be attached to the existing structure and will house an animal research facility and a Biosafety Level 2 lab. Previously mentioned, a $110 million Level 3 Vaccine lab (InterVac) will open between 2009-10. The College of Veterinary Medicine is undergoing a $57 million expansion and renovation, and the Canadian Light Source will be receiving two new beamlines at a pricetag of $17 million. The new law building is expected to open in Fall 2007. Saskatoon Star Phoenix  

Rotman School Proposes New $100 M Building for 2010

uToronto's Rotman School of Management has proposed a $100 million building to be built on the existing building's parking lot, possibly as high as 10 storeys. The school claims to be "bursting" and the new building would allow it to double its capacity. Several obstacles face the project, including municipal limits on the property's location, and concerns about preserving two historic homes. The proposal is to be submitted to the Governing Council for approval next month. The Varsity 

Apple Co-Founder to Speak at Mount Allison Tonight

Thanks to an invitation from Mount Allison alumnus and Rhodes Scholar Kyle Hill, Steve Wozniak, the inventor of the Apple computer, will present this year's Wilford B. Jonah lecture at Mount Allison tonight. The "Woz" is currently the Chief Technology Officer of Acquicor Corporation, and has a history of supporting education with technology through the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Tech Museum and other philanthropic projects. Previous Jonah lecturers included Mordecai Richler, David Suzuki and Lawrence Krauss. Mount Allison Release | Telegraph Journal (Subscription Required)

UQOProposes Cancelling English-Language Grad Programs

L'Université du Québec en Outaouais announced in December that it is considering altering its language policy to provide a more unique educational experience and tighten up the course offerings. The proposed changes will not prohibit non-French language in research projects, study abroad, language courses or joint projects with other universities, but will eliminate course offerings in languages other than French. The Gatineau campus has offered six of its graduate programs in both French and English since 1995, and many members of the school's community disagree with the proposed loss of the English side of the program and feel it will be "a step backwards." It is also suggested that the loss of bilingualism will hurt the school's reputation with employers. Carleton Charlatan | uQuebec Release (French)

Memorial to Reserve More Dorms for First Years

2,800 students vied for the 1,500 spots in Memorial U student housing last year. Next year, Memorial will continue its arrangements with private housing to further accommodate students and will be focusing on finding room for first-years who are facing the multiple challenges of adjusting to university life, a new city, and living independently. 2007 will bring several changes including a larger ratio of rooms set aside for first year students, and for the first time, freshmen will be housed in a building that was previously exclusive to senior students. In 2006, 68% of the Paton College residence facility was reserved for first year students. Memorial News Release 

Students Welcome Help When Starting University

The 2007 National Freshman Attitudes Report reveals that students are coming to PSE with high motivation: 95% of first-years have "a strong desire to complete their education." Female students are showing more effective study habits than males, but also exhibit less confidence in their understanding of science and math. 91.6% of girls, compared to 85.3% of boys, said they were willing to sacrifice for their educational goals. Less than 50% feel they have the financial resources required to complete their programs, and most first-years show an interest in support programs such as tips for college exams, career services and tutoring. The report is based on a survey by Noel-Levitz, including almost 100,000 students at 292 institutions. Inside Higher Education | Noel-Levitz (PDF)

Fake CBU Website Attempts to Mislead Students

After being contacted by an international student, CBU discovered a website masquerading as "Cape Breton International University" and potentially an attempt to fool prospective CBU students. The site, located at,  includes pictures that appear to be from the University of Wolverhampton in England, and includes an address in Cape Breton and a phone number that does not work. CBU has posted a notice on its homepage to notify students that "Cape Breton International University" is neither a recognized post-secondary institution nor affiliated with Cape Breton U. Canadian Press 

Smart Revenue Generators

In the December issue of University Business, the editors propose "101 Smart Revenue Generators" including: #18 licensing course material for online education (check out Boston University) or #19 licensing your brand name to foreign universities, #27 increasing tuition fees based on price elasticity research, #29 investing in your website, #91 pushing online fundraising through an alumni portal, #98 purchasing professional-grade photography equipment, and #99 selling advertising on digital signage in high-traffic locations. University Business 

Take a Study Break and Try the Sushi Bar

Many US colleges and universities are opening luxury rec centres to boost their edge in the competition for applicants. The University of Missouri-Columbia features a $50-million facility with a 28-person hot tub, heated vortex pool, computer terminals, and a sushi bar -- as well as exercise equipment. Students pay $126 per semester whether they use the centre or not. Schools are seeing these elaborate facilities as recruitment investments, and also an answer to the increasing interest from parents about where their children are when they are not in class. The Belleville News Democrat