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January 31, 2007

UWO Student Charged with Homicide

An eighteen year-old high school student from Brampton was stabbed at a north London house party this weekend, and died on the way to hospital. Eighteen-year-old Kulvir Grewal, a first-year student at the University of Western Ontario and also from Brampton, has been charged with second degree homicide. Police dogs tracked him into brush near the UWO campus.  A Channel News | London Free Press 

Manitoban Dentists to See 20,000+ Teeth in Ghana

The uManitoba Centre for Community Oral Health (CCOH) will be heading to Ghana in late February with 3 dentists, a dental hygienist, a dental therapist and 2 dental assistants.  They expect to provide care for 1,000 individuals during the trip, which is hoped to be the first of an ongoing commitment.  There is one dentist per 175,000 citizens in Ghana -- compared to 1 to 1,788 in Canada. uManitoba media release 

Increased Education Doesn't Improve Immigrant Incomes

A new report from StatsCan finds that since 1993, when Canada adjusted its immigration policy to favour skilled immigrants, education levels and skilled qualifications have increased, but new Canadians are finding no better financial success in this country. The only change seems to be that instead of 13% of those in low-income states having university degrees, now 41% do. In 2002, low-income rates among immigrants during their first year in Canada were 3.5 times higher than the rates of native Canadians. Statistics Canada 

International Community Recognizes uCalgary's Spanish Centre

The Aula Cervantes at uCalgary is one of 40 centres worldwide affiliated with the Instituto Cervantes, and is apparently the first Spanish language resource centre in Canada . uCalgary is being internationally honoured as a leader of Spanish language education in Canada . The Aula Cervantes will organize exhibitions, lectures, seminars, and more, as well as offering a diploma in Spanish as Foreign Language Examination. uCalgary news release 

10 Year Olds Charge uOttawa with Age Discrimination

Sebastian and Douglas Foster were expelled from uOttawa's Science in Society course after three weeks of class last term. The 10-year-old boys and their mother are now charging the school with age discrimination via the Ontario Human Rights Commission. (The Ontario Human Rights Code is intended for those over age 18.) The university says that the boys were expelled because they neither had high school diplomas nor were current high school students. The course requires no science or math background and is open to the public. The boys informally completed the class and have the support of the instructor and their fellow students.  Ottawa Citizen | Guelph Mercury 

Lakehead Happy with Google Apps for Education

Lakehead University switched from their traditional email service over to Google Apps for Education in late 2006, the first school in Canada to sign onto the service. 38,000 students, staff and faculty are provided with email, chat and a web calendar, administered by the university but maintained by Google. Lakehead had previously experienced recurring trouble with overcapacity and slow delivery times; each member will now have a 2GB mailbox through Google. The three-year contract is free of charge, saving the school an estimated $2-3 million per year, and $6 million in infrastructure costs. Lakehead news release | The Charlatan 

Lethbridge College Becomes Public Hot Spot

Lethbridge Community College announced yesterday that all visitors to its campus will have free wireless access to the internet, making the campus a "public hot spot."  Anyone with a wireless card in their laptop or PDA will have access to the 'net.  The school hopes that the service will advantage visitors as well as instructors of after-hours adult courses, hourly instructors, and students.  LCC news release 

Fraternity Hazers Sentenced to Prison

Two of five fraternity brothers charged with hazing resulting in bodily injury at Florida A&M University were sentenced to two years in prison yesterday. A 20-year-old prospective member of the fraternity was beaten with a wooden cane over the course of four nights, and eventually underwent surgery for the damage caused. Clergy, professors and a former A&M president gave positive character references for the two students sentenced, and urged leniency. Both will likely be unable to obtain state licenses in their professions because of the "guilty" finding. CNN 

MCAT & SAT Glitches

During the first completely computerized implementation of the MCAT exams last weekend, 800 of 2,500 students were affected by a glitch that matched unrelated questions to the reading passage in the verbal reasoning section. The Association of American Medical Colleges acknowledges the high-stress nature of the test, and has expressed regret over the error. Students will receive their marks on schedule and the glitched section will not be included. The SAT exams written in Seoul , South Korea this weekend are also under investigation, because at least one student had a copy of the test in advance.  New York Times