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April 4, 2007

uSask centennial marked with commemorative stamp

Yesterday was the University of Saskatchewan's official 100th birthday, and the university marked the occasion with "parties" across campus as well as joint events with other local organizations that share the same birthday.  A commemorative stamp was unveiled by Canada Post, featuring the University's historic College Building and highlighting the stone architecture that is uSask's trademark. Collectors' editions of the stamp will be issued on a special envelope, and usable copies are available through Canada Post outlets nationally, in booklets including information about uSask and the College Building uSask News Release

Encouraging the rankings boycott

uAlberta president Indira Samaresekera has issued a rallying cry for the call to boycott US News & World Report's annual college rankings. On Inside Higher Education, she writes "to let you know that institutions can take on the rankings," describing the history of the Maclean's boycott in Canada and some of the methodological shortcomings that concerned Alberta's universities. "Stay tuned to Canada for Part 2 as we've just learned that Maclean's is introducing an issue ranking professional schools and graduate programs." Inside Higher Education

US colleges invest heavily in marketing

A survey of 153 US colleges and universities, sponsored by CASE, found that institutions are spending, on average, 50% more on recruitment marketing than they did in 2000 -- with the majority of the increase going to web and emarketing initiatives (10% of marketing spend). Institutions spending more than 0.5% of their operating budget on hard marketing costs (not including salaries) report enhanced visibility, reputation, applicant numbers and yield ratios.  Direct mail, market research, and internal communications appear to be particularly vital. Almost 80% are investing in virtual tours, and flash or streaming video, while more like half are trying online chats, and even fewer are investing in blogs or podcasts. Most public US institutions are spending less than $50 per enrolled student on hard marketing costs. CASE Marketing Study (PDF)

BC grad works for poverty

A graduate of Capilano College in North Vancouver is sampling six jobs over six weeks, with the hopes of identifying his ideal career and the best use for his business administration degree.  So far he has been an intern at Vancouver TV, a snowshoe guide assistant, a volleyball coach, a columnist and a florist.  All of his paycheques are being donated to Make Poverty History.  CBC

uToronto student earns global fellowship

Ilana Bleichert, a first-year uToronto law student, was awarded one of the globe's most prestigious awards in law -- the Arthur C. Helton Fellowship from the American Society for International Law.  10 law students and young professionals around the world were selected to receive this award, towards fieldwork and research on significant issues involving international law, human rights, humanitarian affairs and related areas. uToronto News Release

Bishop’s takes international business gold

In Ireland, a team of students from Bishop's University took first place in the Network of International Business Schools competition -- for the second year in a row.  Teams from Canada , the US , Guatemala , the Netherlands , Ireland and Finland competed for the prize.  Concordia's John Molson School of Business, and Memorial University 's Faculty of Business Administration, were the other two Canadian schools at the competition.  Bishop's News Release

Student Affairs in the spotlight

Where college and university students were once left alone during their post-secondary studies, newfound attention to their transition from adolescence into adulthood is causing many schools to keep a closer eye on their students.  This translates into increased demands on the Student Affairs portfolio, particularly as student populations increasingly diversify and display broader needs.  Mental health needs and sexual health awareness are urgently pressing needs on many campuses.  As we read headlines about binge drinking and skyrocketing levels of depression, Student Affairs and services are gaining an increasingly important role in how schools are viewed by each other, by prospective students, and by the population at large.  The Chronicle of Higher Education (Subscription Required)

Students more globally aware

High school seniors who are heading to PSE next fall were in grade 7 when the t win t owers were attacked, and have all but grown up with the war in Iraq .  A national survey of students aged 14-29 ranked the "War in Iraq" as the most important issue facing the US today, above education, taxes and health care. Previously, students were more likely to choose issues that had a direct impact on them, but the class of 2011 is thinking about a war on the other side of the world.  One 14-year-old says, "It made us more aware of politics and (that) there is more going on in the world than we think."  Augusta Chronicle

New peer-reviewed Wikipedia

Citizendium is a new peer-reviewed version of Wikipedia, which is now open for use boasting more than 1,100 articles ( is closer to 2 million).  Articles span topics from Jacques Derrida and historical events to basketball players and autism, and some are already well-developed, while others are not much more than placeholders for future contributions.  Citizendium does not support anonymous contribution, and all final decisions are made by a panel of scholars, slowing growth but increasing academic credibility.  The Chronicle of Higher Education (Subscription Required) | Citizendium