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April 13, 2007

UPEI tuition to decrease by 10%

PEI students are doubtless pleased with this week's provincial budget, which increased  funding for student achievement from $1 to $3 million. $2.1 million will go to UPEI to decrease undergraduate tuition by 10%.  UPEI and Holland College will receive additional increases of $1.4 million and $1 million respectively, toward rising operating costs, and increased funding for student awards and financial assistance was also announced.  2007 PEI Provincial Budget

Saskatchewan considering cutting tuition too

Saskatchewan's NDP government is considering what all students seem to be asking for: a cut to tuition fees. Yesterday's report on accessibility and affordability did not specifically mention a reduction in fees, but the governing NDP is reported to be considering it, with a final decision scheduled for Fall 2007.  The latest Saskatchewan budget froze tuition for a year.  At the federal level, Jack Layton continues to promote the NDP's proposed Post-Secondary Act, which aims to keep education accessible through increased transfer funding, additional needs-based grants, and reformed Canada Student Loans.  The Niagara Falls Review | CBC

Nova Scotia fears tuition spikes due to delayed retirements

With many highly-paid faculty approaching retirement age, university administrators in Nova Scotia have filed complaints against the proposal to end mandatory retirement.  If retirement at 65 is no longer mandatory, the schools potentially face millions per year in senior salaries -- an expense that they claim would fall on the shoulders of students via tuition increases.  Selected faculty are currently allowed to stay on at NS universities past 65, but this is at the universities' discretion.  CBC

Concordia receives $8 million from Hydro-Quebec

Hydro-Quebec has announced an $8 million donation to Concordia University's Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science.  $4.8 million will be used to create two new research chairs in energy-related fields. $3.2 million will go toward scholarships and fellowships for students.  Hydro-Quebec plans to reduce consumption by 5 billion kWh by 2010, and considers Concordia a partner in its efforts.  Concordia is the only Canadian university that offers an engineering program dedicated to energy-efficient building design and operation.  Concordia News Release

McMaster Burlington campus approved by city council

The proposed McMaster satellite campus in Burlington was unanimously approved by City Council this week. The city also approved investing $10 million toward construction costs for the new downtown campus.  These approvals are conditional on the completion of an on-site parking plan, and zoning approvals.  The DeGroote School of Business will be the focus of the campus, with McMaster's MBA, EMBA and graduate business programs relocating to Burlington (closer to Toronto) . A family medicine clinic is also included in the proposal.  McMaster Daily News  

Haskayne and Ronald McDonald join forces

uCalgary's Haskayne School of Business has announced a new partnership with Ronald McDonald House of Southern Alberta. The agreement will see both groups work to provide services and solutions for families with seriously ill children. The business school's undergrads, MBAs and PhD students will have opportunities to participate in projects benefiting RMH. Faculty and research will also support and advise the organization. A new Ronald McDonald House will open later this month on the West Campus of uCalgary, across from the new Alberta Children's Hospital, and will provide housing for 23 children's families. uCalgary News Release

India's media cautions against Canadian PSE

The Times of India points to the case of Lansbridge University in BC as another "reminder for students to be cautious" when applying internationally (i.e. to Canada ).  13 students from India were enrolled at LU when the school was told to shut its doors. Lansbridge's MBA program cost between $10-15,000 Canadian.  The 13 students have requested either fee refunds or permission to transfer to another institution.  The BC Ministry of Advanced Education says all measures are being taken to protect international students.  The Times of India

US student loan kickback scandal starts to settle

Sallie Mae, the largest student loan provider in the US, has settled with New York's attorney general for $2 million and has agreed to stop practices that reward colleges for the number of students that sign on for Sallie Mae loans. The student-loan provider has promised that the changes will not affect its operations.  Citibank and 35 colleges agreed to similar terms last week. Sallie Mae's CEO promised colleges that it would continue to write opportunity loans, just moments after it was announced that such loans were now prohibited.  A minimum of 6 financial aid officers have been identified as owners of stock or having accepted payments from another loan firm, Student Loan Xpress.  The Indianapolis Star | University Business (Subscription Required) | The Chronicle of Higher Education (Subscription Required)

LinkedIn -- Facebook for professional alumni

Different from social networking which focuses on personal information and communication, business networking allows you to showcase your professional qualifications and draw on the extended networks of your professional contacts. Alumni use online business networks more than they use the alumni directories maintained by their alma mater. The power of Facebook is its ability to connect you beyond your institutional bubble, and the same goes for commercial business networks versus institutional directories. has a group function that can be used to create a home for your alumni within the larger LinkedIn network -- much as clubs, schools, regions and businesses do on other networks (MySpace, Facebook). LinkedIn has doubled its membership over the last 10 months. mStonerBlog