Top Ten

May 8, 2007

$217 million for Canada's health researchers:

McGill has announced $27 million in funding across 74 projects from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.  $217 million in grants spread across 589 research projects were announced early last month.  uCalgary, uToronto, Laval and McMaster were all mentioned in CIHR’s news release as significant grant recipients.  2 projects at McMaster received substantial funding.  Quebec received the highest provincial total, with just under $80 million. Ontario researchers received almost $78 million, followed by Alberta at just over $29 million.  CIHR News Release | McGill News Release

UPEI anticipates 10% increase in enrolment:

Early indicators suggest that UPEI will be seeing a 10% increase in enrolment this Fall. Applications from surrounding Maritime provinces, Alberta and BC, and international regions are all showing increases so far, says Top Ten subscriber Clive Keen to the CBC.  UPEI climbed three places to rank 5th in this year’s Maclean’s rankings.  This and new buildings, improved reputation and lower tuition are all credited with the enrolment boost.  CBC

uCalgary Nursing school opens in Qatar

The University of Calgary-Qatar in Doha officially launched with representatives from uCalgary and the Qatari government on-site. The UC-Q Nursing School is currently the largest overseas program involving a Canadian university, and aims to bring world-class nurse education and research into the Gulf State region. Undergraduate and graduate level nursing programs will be offered through the new school.  Graduates will meet the same standards for nursing as students at uCalgary’s main campus. uCalgary News Release 


York & Japan to collaborate on medical technology:

York University and Japan’s Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation have formed a partnership to develop “strategic networks in the medical device sector that will capitalize on trends and opportunities of mutual interest to Japan and Canada.”  The institutions will work together on new and emerging technologies, encouraging innovation and developing economic partnerships.  The announcement was made yesterday by Ontario Premier McGuinty at Bio 2007 in Boston, the world’s largest life sciences conference.  York News Release

Manitoba reserve to require transition program before PSE:

Fisher River First Nation Reserve students will now be required to attend an 8-month college transition program after high school, before the band will fund their college or university education.  The program is meant to lower the high PSE drop-out rate among its students.  Fisher River spends approximately $13,000 per year for every PSE student, the majority of whom drop out.  To facilitate a smooth and successful transition to college or university, students will be required to complete the new 8-month program.  CBC

195 students race through wildness for Sault College:

65 teams of three competed in the Sault College Adventure Challenge this past weekend.  Participating Ontario high school students biked, paddled and hiked more than 30 kilometres designed by a Sault College faculty member.  The event was designed to market Sault College to the province’s high school students.  “You really couldn’t ask for a better opportunity than to have two days of face time with faculty and natural resource students,” says Sault’s marketing and communications director, Nadine Robinson.  The event cost about $25,000 to stage, and outdoor enthusiasts can expect to see it again next year.  The Sault Star

UQAM struggles with spending

Université du Quebec a Montreal’s $406 million Voyageur project includes a new office tower, a 1200-student residence and parking facility, and a renovated bus depot.  UQAM had a budget shortfall of $16.9 million last year, and has an operating budget of $28 million this year.  Unless the developer handling the project makes some unlikely concessions, UQAM is facing an annual $12-million deficit for the next 30 years.  As a consequence, UQAM’s debenture credit rating with Moody’s Investor services was downgraded due to liquidity pressures and cost overruns.  The Montreal Gazette


$224.1 million for Ontario nursing education:

$11 million in new funding has been announced for Ontario’s college and university nursing programs, enabling communities to meet their future nursing needs. A total of $224.1 million has been funneled into Ontario nursing programs over the last 4 years to train 4,000 new full-time students per year.  The Compressed Time Frame Program, a new 19-month course of study at the University of Western Ontario, which will see its first graduates in June 2007, received considerable funding.  Ontario News Release | UWO News Release

uVic receives preferred status from China

China’s Ministry of Education is expected to sign an agreement with the University of Victoria today that will give UVic preferred status from the China Scholarship Council.  In contrast to warnings against Canadian PSE issued earlier this year by the Chinese ministry, the agreement is expected to send China’s grad students flocking to Victoria.  Harvard, Cambridge and MIT are among the few schools worldwide that have been given similar preferred status.  The Victoria Times Colonist


Web vs print marketing for US colleges:

A recent survey of 55 US colleges found that about 18% pay for search engine placement, only 16% have used podcasts, but 61% have a virtual campus tour on their website. About 20% have a paid employee responsible to monitor, respond, and provide information to bloggers. Print is not dead, however: 75% print a magazine, and 86% print a viewbook (about 13,000 copies each), but only 30% of those put a PDF of the viewbook on their website. 80% have used radio advertising, but only 26% have advertised on cable TV in the past two years. The full report is $295 US. Primary Research