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May 10, 2007

NSCC previews new $50 million waterfront facility:

Nova Scotia Community College has announced 2 new music industry programs at its new waterfront campus in Dartmouth: a 2-year Music Arts Diploma, and a 1-year Music Business Certificate. The star of the day was the new $50 million facility that will house graphic design, photography, radio & television, and music industry programs, starting this fall. (We reported on the facility's virtual tour, while still under construction, back in March.) NSCC News Release | The Chronicle-Herald

Tuition hasn't thawed in 3 years at uSask:

uSaskatchewan has released its $294 million budget for 2007, down $7 million from last year’s $301M.  Tuition is frozen again for the third year, sitting at 2004-05 levels, thanks to an increase in the government’s contribution towards this purpose.  Student fees will, however, increase due to a new u-Pass fee, and a more than 400% increase in “infrastructure” fees.  The Saskatoon Star Phoenix

BC considers Safety & Health University:

An act has been introduced into BC legislature that will make room for a new private university providing research and education in occupational health and safety, disability management and rehabilitation.  The act was put forth on behalf of the National Institute of Disability Management and Research.  The university will tap into a valuable market for expertise on workplace injury. The Parksville Qualicum News

10% of Canadian nurses to head south for work:

The Canadian Nurses Association has stirred up the media and health students alike with its announcement that 10% of 2007 Canadian nursing graduates will relocate to the US to find work.  While some regions of Canada cannot seem to invest enough to producing educated nurses, others hold poor prospects for those trying to find work in the field.  A 2006 report by CIHR found that only half of RN’s are holding full-time employment. The same report found that as much as 30% of RN’s trained in NL, PEI and SK have relocated to other provinces.  CNA News Release | CTV | The Globe & Mail

Kwantlen & SFU announce dual enrolment program:

Science students at Kwantlen University College and Simon Fraser University can now select their courses from offerings at either institution.  The unique new dual enrolment program allows students to have credits from either school count toward their associate or bachelor’s degree. Both institutions are currently short on lab space; the new arrangement will maximize access to existing facilities. Kwantlen News Release | SFU News Release

Innovation & Entrepreneurship MBA at Laurier:

Wilfrid Laurier University has announced that its School of Business & Economics will offer the first MBA program for Canada’s entrepreneurs.  The "Innovation & Entrepreneurship MBA" will be available starting January 2008, and is designed as an environment for future business leaders who want to run their own businesses.  Students will prepare their own businesses, while learning from business professionals and gaining hands-on experience.  Unique course offerings will include Design & Innovation, the Management of Creativity, and Leadership of Innovative Organizations. WLU News Release

Humber Golf Management program gets attention:

In case you haven’t heard, Humber College offers a Professional Golf Management program providing education in the business of golf.  According to a feature article on the program in the Toronto Sun, learning how to play the game is only 10-15% of the 3-year curriculum. Students learn club administration, the rules of both the game and tournaments, turf management, bar and restaurant operations, marketing, accounting and more.  The program draws both local and international students, and each applicant is required to have an endorsement from a member of the Canadian PGA and must prove their ability to play the sport.  The Toronto Sun

SFU students vote to leave CFS:

Simon Fraser University’s Students’ Society (SFSS) has announced its intention to leave the Canadian Federation of Students after a powerful student vote supporting the change.  SFU’s membership fees to CFS amounted to $400,000 in 2005.  CFS is Canada’s largest student lobby group, representing 80 universities and colleges in the country.  The current CFS chairperson says that because appropriate notice was not given to the membership prior to the SFU vote, the results are non-binding. It has been suggested that CFS had been uncomfortably involved in SFU student union elections.  SFSS also withheld fees from CFS-BC when 2005 auditing statements were not made available.  Maclean's 

uVic engages student photographers on Flickr:

The University of Victoria has discovered an engaging and affordable way to unleash an army of campus photographers.  The university has set up a publicly-accessible flickr group inviting student photographers to submit photos to be considered for inclusion in institutional publications.  So far, the group has caught the interest of 54 contributors and countless casual browsers, and boasts 458 submitted images.  College Web Editor


Crackdown on black market convocation tickets in the US:

Despite being able to watch many convocation ceremonies online, students are still able to earn a hefty price by selling their allotted tickets on campus or online -- with some auctioning them off on eBay.  A Princeton commencement ticket can go for up to $250.  Some universities, including Princeton, MIT and UNC, assert that the tickets are the property of the institution, and have very publicly communicated that selling them is prohibited and subject to discipline.  Students are apparently making use of social sites such as Facebook and to reach other students who are in the market for extra seats. The Wall Street Journal (Subscription Required)