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June 26, 2007

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, from the WARUCC conference in Richmond BC!

Waterloo, Laurier receive $40 million from billionaire

A $100 million initiative was announced yesterday by uWaterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University: a new School of International Affairs, to be established as a partnership.  The facility will be built in uptown Waterloo, on land owned by the city.  Billionaire Jim Balsillie, co-founder of Research In Motion, is donating $33 million to the new school, and the universities have committed $25 million each over the next 10 years. Balsillie is also donating $17 million to the Centre for International Governance Innovation, which is next to the future home of the School of International Affairs.  The KW Record

uWaterloo announces new aviation degree programs

uWaterloo has announced that students will now be able to learn aviation while pursuing degrees at the institution.  Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is scheduled to speak at the official launch of the university’s new Bachelor of Environmental Studies degree in geography and aviation, and new Bachelor of Science in science and aviation. uWaterloo News Release  

66% of job openings in Canada to require PSE

A new report by Human Resources & Social Development Canada (HRSDC) finds that the job market for young graduates is looking “quite healthy” and is likely to remain so for the next 10 years.  Health, computer system design, and professional service sectors are expected to see the most growth, and the majority of job openings will be created by retirements.  Two-thirds of all job openings between 2006 and 2015 are expected to be either in management, or to require PSE.  Looking Ahead: A 10 year outlook for the Canadian labour market

BC to review Private Career Training Institutions Act

One of BC’s initiatives on tightening regulations and improving the quality of the province’s private PSE system will be an independent review of the Private Career Training Institutions Act.  The review will look at degree quality assessment, public confidence in private PSE in BC, regulation of ESL schools, and the need to protect students.  BC News Release

uMontreal joins outcry against Israeli university boycott

Luc Vinet, the rector of Université de Montréal, has joined the growing list of PSE leaders who stand against the boycott of Israeli universities proposed by the British University and College Union.  His grounds were similar to the others who have spoken out, and focused on academic freedom and the right to collaborate.  uMontreal News Release

Brock Student Union warns students about new flat rate fees

The Brock University Students Union has issued a press release cautioning students to beware the school’s new “flat rate” tuition policy.  Students who sign up for only 4.0 credits will be charged the same tuition fee as those taking a full 5.0 course load.  Students taking 3.5 credits or less will pay on a per credit basis. BUSU does not necessarily support the new fees policy, but wants to make sure students are aware of the changes so that they can select their course loads accordingly. BUSU News Release

New website targets the Canadian PSE experience has launched 3 new “niche” sites on the web:, and (most relevant for Academica's Top Ten)  The sites generate leads for their partner schools, and offer targeted information and custom searching to each audience.  Using, students interested in a Canadian college or university experience can view schools by program, location or name.  CollegeBound receives 1.5 million visitors each month on its various websites. CollegeBound Network News Release |

Distance education converges on Kincardine

Kincardine, Ontario will be getting quite a boost in PSE availability: uGuelph, UWO, uWaterloo, Laurier, Georgian College, Conestoga College and Lambton College are all now offering distance ed courses in the community, located in Huron County. There are plans to expand these offerings so that Kincardine students have access to courses from all 25 Ontario colleges and universities.  Tuition for the available courses ranges from $150 to $1000.  Bayshore Broadcasting

Too much partying might lead to rejection

US colleges have mailed out letters revoking admission offers to high school students who let their marks slip in the last half of the year.  Up to 2% of an incoming class has been known to be cut. Many high school students relax once they receive their offers, and then once they have turned down other schools, find out that the school they wanted no longer wants them. This year in particular saw a heavy increase of qualified applicants, which means there are many rejected applicants who are more than willing to fill in for a student who let their average slip. LA Times