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August 14, 2007

Possible strike looms at Memorial U

Contract talks between Memorial University and its professors broke down over the weekend, and a strike is starting to look likely, reports the Globe & Mail. Wages are the make-or-break issue: the union wants wages to increase by 10 to 15% over 3 years, while the university has offered 6% over 4 years.  A comprehensive plan is reported to be prepared in the event of a strike. Globe & Mail

40% of Chinese students pursue grad studies abroad

Despite China’s significant development in PSE over the last several decades, 40% of the country’s top students leave the country to pursue postgraduate studies, and the majority choose to remain overseas after completing their education.  According to UNESCO, Chinese students represent 14% of international students, with the majority heading to either the US, Britain or Japan.  China News

UK campaign promotes "another way forward"

Edge Commercial

A new TV campaign launched last night in the UK features a pushy father teaching his son to drive dangerously, sideswiping other cars as he drives the wrong way up a one-way street.  Asking "are you pushing your kids in the wrong direction?," the Edge Foundation targets “educational snobbery” and tells parents not to “bully” their children into attending university instead of practical or vocational education. Of course, the spot is already on YouTube!  The Guardian | Another Way Forward site  |