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August 15, 2007

$36 million for Ontario researchers

On Monday, the Ontario Ministry of Research & Innovation announced more than $36 million in Ontario Research Fund and Early Researcher Awards grants to 240 projects in Ontario.  The Ottawa region received almost 10% of the funds, more than $3 million for 32 projects. ORF News Release 

Laurentian U faces student lawsuit

The Sudbury Star reports that Laurentian University will face 3 students in court this week on charges that the students were unfairly barred from post-grad programs at the university due to their association with a controversial professor. Professor Persinger was locked out of the university’s animal research facility last year on charges of inappropriate practices and failure to follow care policies. Laurentian is being sued for $30 million, and the school’s faculty union is claiming Persinger’s academic freedom was violated.  The Sudbury Star

UBC to offer 391 gender-neutral washrooms

UBC is refitting its single-stall washrooms to better fit the needs of several groups, including transgendered and Muslim students, as well as nursing moms.  The new facilities will provide private space, special washing facilities, and a place not defined by male/female divisions.  391 bathrooms are being overhauled, while all existing multi-stall facilities will remain unchanged. The Vancouver Sun 

Acadia uses YouTube to offer online video

Nestled between podcasts and recent news on Acadia University's homepage is a link to Acadia's home on YouTube. Acadia has had an active YouTube account since the summer of 2006, and some of its videos are reaching as many as 4,000 views by online users (14,193 views in total).  Over the last 2 months, Acadia has added several videos in series of  “My life at Acadia -- Confessions of a first year student,” and “Undergraduate research at Acadia.” There is also an interview with a Senior Residence Advisor. Acadiau.caAcadia on YouTube

Officials urge expansion of Ontario Police College

Several public officials have recommended that the Ontario Police College, in Aylmer Ontario, expand its training to include tactical and other training currently available only at military bases, and possibly training for private security personnel. Discussion is taking place between public officials and police chiefs, although the OPC itself insists it is not considering an expansion.  Lo ndon Free Press 

Saskatchewan tells students to get immunized before heading to NB, NS

Saskatchewan officials are telling eastward bound college and university students to get a mumps vaccination before heading to Atlantic Canada.  600 cases of mumps were reported in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick last year, mostly in young adults.  Canadian Press 

York hosts Rogers Cup for another year

York University hosts the world’s leading female tennis players this week at its $1.34-million Rexall Centre.  The Rogers Cup will include an exhibition by Anna Kournikova on its opening night.  The North York Mirror 

uRegina hosts Canadian physicists involved in $9.5 billion bang

Canada’s top physics researchers came together in Regina yesterday to prepare for an international “Big Bang” project, which plans to “rewrite the physics books”  by recreating the environment immediately after the Big Bang. The project will cost $9.5 billion and will involve 35 countries, 164 institutions and 2,000 scientists over 15 years.  Representatives from 9 Canadian universities were hosted by uRegina for the event.  The Regina Leader-Post 

Overseas programs offer kickbacks to school officials

In the wake of the student financing kickback fiasco, US college officials are starting to come under scrutiny for perks received from commercial and non-profit organizations involved in study-abroad programs. Officials have been offered free overseas travel, membership on advisory boards, cash bonuses and commission on the fees paid by students. Critics say these arrangements limit student options and push up the cost of obtaining international credits.  The New York Times 

Pop culture for the Millennial generation

Disney filtered the musical Grease through Howe and Strauss' Millennials Rising and wound up with High School Musical, a TV movie that has been seen by 180 million worldwide, spawned a best-selling DVD and was THE biggest selling album of 2006. Troy and Gabriella, typical millennials, strive to captain championship varsity teams while also playing the leads in the school musical. They work as a team, within the rules, and ultimately declare, "we're all stars!" Tell your kids: High School Musical 2 premieres Friday at 8pm on the Family Channel. HSM 3 is already in development for the big screen. Maybe we'll see Troy and Gabriella graduate and choose a college! Globe & Mail | Disney trailer | Medley video