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August 22, 2007

McGill and uToronto included in Princeton Review rankings

McGill University was included in the Princeton Review’s Best 366 College Rankings, and came in #4 for "Class discussions rare," #16 for "Lots of Race/Class interaction," and #18 for "Great College Towns." uToronto was also included, and came in #6 for "Class discussions rare," #3 for "Professors make themselves scarce," and #18 for "Least happy students."  P rinceton Review | McGill News Release

Ontario colleges issue pre-election platform

Colleges Ontario has released a wish list for the upcoming 2007 provincial election, to make Ontario "the most accessible, most user-friendly jurisdiction in Canada for skills training and lifelong upgrading." The platform is based on the prediction that Ontario will face a serious skills shortage and skills mismatch in the next few years. CO would like to see PSE attainment rates increase to 75%, a smoother transfer process between colleges and universities, a marketing campaign for skills education, and an increase in funding that would bring Ontario colleges up to the national average.  Colleges Ontario

2007 Beloit Mindset List released

Most of 2007's incoming freshmen were born after the demise of the Berlin Wall, have never lived in a world without mainstream rap music, and have never known MTV to play actual music videos.  This year's Beloit College Mindset List focuses on the Class of 2011, born in 1989.  For them, water has always come in bottles, car windows have always rolled down at the push of a button, Wal-Mart has always been bigger than Sears, and the World Wide Web has always existed. The List | The Chronicle of Higher Education (Subscription Required) | Inside Higher Ed 

100 students injured in Bangladesh riots

More than 100 students at Dhaka University in Bangladesh were injured during a riot yesterday.  Tear gas and rubber bullets were used by police to disperse students, who were carrying sticks and throwing stones. The conflict began on Monday, with student protests against the army presence at a football game at the university stadium.  MWC | BBC  

Ontario invests $8.73 million in Queen's-led facility

The Ontario government has announced $8.73 million in funding for the SNOLAB research facility, located just outside Sudbury.  Funding will benefit researchers from Carleton University and Queen's University, among others. $5.6 million came from the Ontario Research Fund and $3.13 million was provided by the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund. Ontario News Release | Queen's University News Release


uToronto student associations fight for refund of increased fees

The Association of Part-time Undergraduate Students and the Graduate Students Union, which together represent more than 18,000 students at the University of Toronto, are asking the Ontario Superior Court to order a refund of athletic fees increased 18% by the university for 2007-08.  If the case is successful, refunds will likely be issued to 40,000 full-time undergraduates as well -- although the uToronto Students' Union approved the hike in fees. The Toronto Star 

uCalgary to alert up to 30,000 cell phones with new safety system

uCalgary has joined the flood of back-to-school security announcements, indicating that it will implement a text message alert system on campus this fall.  The system will notify cell phone users in major campus safety threat or emergency situations -- the first such system in place at an Alberta college or university.  Users will be given the option to join the program for free throughout the first week of the Fall term.  Staff and faculty, as well as parents and on-campus visitors, will be added to the program later in the year.  The Calgary Herald 

Edmonton triples student housing listings

Citizens of Edmonton have responded quickly to avert a potential student housing crisis in the city.  A call for help was issued by uAlberta's student union earlier in the month, and since that time the number of listings on the university's online housing registry has tripled.  The surge of 500 new ads has even helped push prices down a bit.  Calgary institutions received similar community support to their own housing plea earlier this summer.  The Edmonton Journal 

100 dirty spam words to avoid has released a list of 100 words to avoid in your email subject lines, if you want to make it past spam filters.  Some common culprits include: "amazing," "apply now," "click here," "free," and anything in ALL CAPS. A session on effective email practice Melissa attended at this year's EduWeb conference also recommended avoiding multiple "!!!" and attachments. PDFs are a great way to send a professionally formatted news release, but we recommend uploading it to your website and simply including a link in your email.  For Academica's Top Ten, we find text-only news releases with a link to an online version are the most useful and effective (hint hint).  Marketing Profs | Email Campaigns that Work: HTML or Podcast

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