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August 23, 2007

uManitoba receives $3 million for research

The Manitoba government has awarded $3 million to the University of Manitoba for research in the areas of environment, health and agriculture, science, technology, energy and mines.  Part of the funding will go toward research on the safe storage of nuclear waste. The province's funding matches federal, university and international fund sources.  Manitoba News Release 

Anti-boycott backlash at Queen's

The Queen's Coalition against Race and Ethnic Discrimination (QCRED) has publicly accused principal Karen Hitchcock of "hypocrisy," for condemning the boycott of Israeli universities proposed by Britain's University and College Union. Her statement, posted on the University website, says that if the Union pursues its "ill-advised course," it should add Queen's to its boycott list. QCRED objects that the statement was posted without prior debate, and that it does not represent the opinion of the Queen's community. Many other Canadian institutions have condemned the proposed boycott, which could affect student exchanges, publications and conferences. Toronto Star | Public comments

Dawson College sees record-breaking enrolment

Despite last year's campus shootings, Montreal CEGEP Dawson College has received the largest number of applications in its history -- a 9.5% increase over last year.  Dawson also saw its highest (and fastest) acceptance rate from students who were offered admission.  Plans are in motion to commemorate the September 13 shooting, and honour the killed and injured students.  Montreal Gazette

Facebook group attacking Dal research is deleted

A Facebook group that falsely accused Dalhousie University of killing "dogs and puppies" during research work has been deleted from the website.  Dalhousie requested the deletion based on violations of Facebook's terms of service (defamatory and fraudulent information is forbidden).  Dalhousie has not used dogs in any university research in more than 10 years, and a photo used on the website was not taken at the university.  Dalhousie had been aware of the group and took action when its public discussion wall was deleted by the group owner (preventing debate).  Dalhousie News Release

Lakehead puts O-week materials on USB keys

Lakehead is getting high-tech and going offline for frosh week 2007.  Rather than distributing binders of paper handouts to every student, orientation and services materials have been saved onto 1,500 USB keys.  The materials are all available online as well, including several multimedia presentations.  The 500 MB USB keys are reusable, of course, and allow students without high speed internet to access the materials easily. Orillia Packet & Times  

UCFV receives approval for new BFA

The University College of the Fraser Valley has received approval from the BC Ministry of Advanced Education to offer a new Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  A diploma in graphic design will also be added to the school's Visual Arts department.  The four-year BFA will include a visual arts major, as well as courses in art history, studio art and critical theory.  UCFV hopes soon to launch minors in fashion design, graphic design, film studies and interactive arts.  UCFV News Release 

UOIT earns its first US patent

UOIT has earned its first US patent for Kool Plate, an innovative laptop accessory developed by Dr. Richard Marceau. The Kool Plate offers protection and comfort for laptop users, allowing for proper cooling of electronic equipment and also shielding users from possible electromagnetic radiation.  UO IT News Release 

India to create 40 new universities

India's Prime Minister has announced plans to create 40 new universities, at a cost of about $13 billion.  Reform and development of the country's higher education system is to be a major focus of the government in the future.  With the new institutions, it is hoped that at least 20% of Indians between 18 and 24 years old will go to college -- currently only 10% participate. The Chronicle of Higher Education (Subscription Required) 

Facebook "grows up," but still controls student market

Facebook claims that more than half of its 35 million users are, in fact, not in college.  By the end of 2007, it is estimated that less than 30% of Facebook users will be active college or university students.  Facebook is now a place where communities can form around any number of shared interests -- from surviving cancer to celeb gossip. The Facebook population is certainly diversifying, but it also still claims to include 85% of the US student population.  Newsweek 

Kaneva combines virtual world with social networking

Kaneva is a 6-month-old online virtual world that claims to be a hip cross between Second Life and Facebook.  Kaneva provides a 2D social networking interface, but also a 3D personal "hangout" in which users can meet with friends and share photos. Kaneva is still officially in beta release, but boasts over 500,000 registered users, even though technically its "peak concurrency" is only about 500 users, making it much more lonely than Second Life.  Metaversed