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August 30, 2007

Boomer parents insist their kids go to university

Baby-boomers who enjoy the perks of their higher educations can react emotionally if their children choose to stray from the university path, "the ticket to success," that is expected of them.  When a child decides not to go to university, parents worry that they will not have an equal lifestyle, and also fear social rejection by their own peers, who will see them as unsuccessful parents. As the front-page Career section article in yesterday's

York U may face deficit in 2009-10

The York University student newspaper, the Excalibur, reports that York's 3-year budget shows a $3.3 million cumulative deficit in the 2009-2010 fiscal year, even with a 2% annual cut to the operating budget over the next 2 years.  Many Ontario universities are facing similar financial struggles: uGuelph forecasted a $15 million structural deficit, until provincial investment balanced the books.  York has stated that it is too early to determine where any belt tightening might be felt in the budget