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September 7, 2007

Welcome to the Friday edition. We can tell school is back in session, because we've seen 60 new subscribers to the Top Ten in

While Facebook traffic might lag behind Myspace globally, the popular student-based social network has conquered all competitors in the Canadian market, says Alexa Internet Inc.  In Canada, Facebook has ranked above Myspace in terms of daily traffic since earlier this year, but as of last week, Facebook became the single most visited website in the country, leaving Google, Yahoo! and MSN in its dust.  Alexa Top Sites 

MacEwan opens new health facility

Edmonton's Grant MacEwan College is now offering classes in its new Robbins Health Learning Centre.  The centre created 2,000 new student spaces, and also houses continuing education opportunities for 25,000 practicing nurses.  The facility is considered state of the art, and also meets the LEED silver certification sustainable design requirements.  MacEwan News Release 

Assaults at Laurentian, other universities step up security

In the wake of a vicious sexual assault at Carleton University last weekend, 3 Laurentian University students were groped while walking on a campus trail Monday night. The students escaped without further injury, and local police are currently looking for a 40-something male.  The Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, which offers 24-hour access to its campus studios, is among the institutions across the country taking extra precautionsThe Globe & Mail | Laurentian News Release | The Sudbury Star | Halifax News 

Quebec students protest tuition increases

Student activists in Quebec are proposing a strike to stop tuition hikes in the province.  Student representatives say that despite a 13-year tuition freeze, the cost of education in Quebec has been rising in other ways, and the official $100 tuition increase is yet another financial burden to shoulder.  Concordia University and Université du Quebec both implemented a new $120 technology charge, on top of the $100 tuition increase.  Including all fees, the average Quebec undergrad pays $3,000 per year; the Canadian average is $4,347.  The Montreal Gazette 

More Alberta students study online than ever before

Through eCampusAlberta, a partnership of 15 public colleges and technical institutes, more Alberta students will pursue higher education through online programs this year than ever before.  Online course registrations reached a record of almost 5,200 in 2006/07, an increase of 45% from the year before.  The number of online courses has also increased by almost 40%.  More than 30 certificates, diplomas and applied degrees are now available completely online in Alberta.  Albert a News Release 

Free wireless to campuses across Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan's public wireless strategy is on its way to SIAST, uSaskatchewan, uRegina and the First Nations University of Canada.  Business districts in Saskatoon, Prince Alberta, Regina and Moose Jaw received free wireless internet access in June 2007.  The project has come at a price of $1.3 million in capital investment, and will cost about $339,000 annually to maintain.  All campuses are expected to be "live" by September 20.  Saskatoon News 

Dalhousie students share building with teen addicts

After 3 residence buildings sat empty last year, Dalhousie University rented O'Brien Hall to a hospital treatment facility for teens addicted to drugs, alcohol or gambling. This year, however, Dal saw a major increase in applications for residence, so it will temporarily accommodate students in 30 rooms upstairs in O'Brien Hall. The building's only elevator will be managed by staff to prevent late night encounters between partying students and recovering addicts.  CBC 

Memorial and uToronto reach union agreements

Memorial University has reached a tentative agreement with its faculty, avoiding a strike at the start of the school year.  Details of the agreement have not been released.  Several other start-of-term union conflicts have reached resolution over the last week, including uToronto's faculty association, representing 2,750 faculty and librarians.  CBC | uToronto News Release

Forget mass emails, target your messages instead

A new report reinforces the opportuity for targeted email campaigns during extended decision times. Segmented email marketing can "strengthen your brand and build customer loyalty," says the report from MarketingProfs.  Identify your audience segments, and then make sure every message you send is customized for delivery to one of these groups. Also, create opportunities for individuals to self-identify as interested in a particular topic or program. M arketingProfs

Facebook goes extreme public with new search listings

Facebook addicts might have noticed a new block on their newsfeed this week, letting them know that they may soon be listed on external search engines such as Google.  The once-closed-door network will soon be the epitome of public, with all unrestricted profiles accessible with a quick Google search.  Some users are up in arms about the new search feature, but Facebook's upfront explanation and easy-to-apply privacy options are soothing most ruffled feathers.  PC World