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September 11, 2007

$110 million for Canada's health and economy researchers

The Canadian government has announced $109.5 million in funding for 126 Canada Research Chairs, focused on health and economy.  Canada's new Science and Technology Strategy aims to build "a larger base of scientific expertise and enhance Canada's international reputation for research excellence."  Dr. Sarah McFarlane of uCalgary was spotlighted during the announcement for her work in Developmental Neurobiology.  CRC News Release

York University reacts to dormitory assaults

York University has doubled its campus security after this weekend's shocking on-campus sexual assaults.  2 individuals broke into a York dormitory last Friday and assaulted sleeping female students in 6 different rooms.  2 young women were raped during the attacks. It is suspected that the attackers had some sort of ties to the university, in order to gain access to the secure building. 2 campus alerts have been issued, including a description of the 2 men.  The Globe & Mail | CTV | CanWest News | York News Release

$12 million for training and literacy in Sudbury

The Ontario government has announced $11.9 million in funding for apprenticeship, literacy and job finding services in Greater Sudbury this year.  Cambrian College will receive $4.9 million in funding through this investment.  College Boréal will receive $1.3 million, and the remainder will be split among local employment and literacy agencies, such as YMCA Employment Services.  Northern Life

uWindsor "Thinks Forward" with new brand

The University of Windsor rolled out a bold new brand identity, slogan, and redesigned website yesterday. The new logo features a bright blue and green "wave" in the shape of a U and W, and "speaks to many of the school's values of creating dynamic connections and forward momentum, and is a visual expression of our brand essence of 'taking responsibility for the future.'" A national advertising campaign will follow, focused on uWindsor's new medical and engineering facilities, opening soon. New uWindsor Homepage | uWindsor News Release | Thinking Forward homepage

OCAD community brainstorms ways to add "University"

Faculty, staff, students and alumni at the Ontario College of Art & Design came together yesterday to brainstorm around the renaming of the school, to reflect its university status. Random interviews in Saturday's Globe & Mail suggests that "Ontario University of Art & Design" seems like the obvious choice to many. OCAD administration emphasizes the need to change its name in order to eliminate confusions about grant eligibility, and to support prospective students in their decision process.  The Globe & Mail

New Senior VP, Creative Director at Academica Group

Award-winning creative services professional David Beyer has joined Academica Group as our new Senior Vice-President, Creative Director. David has 25 years of experience in branding, web interface design, information architecture and multimedia campaigns for a broad range of Native American, educational and nonprofit organizations, including the Smithsonian Institution and OISE. He will help deliver innovative, breakthrough creative solutions to our college and university clients. Academica media release 

Carleton dorm residents compensated for construction noise

Students in 4 Carleton University residences will receive a monthly $100 reimbursement on their fees due to noise caused by nearby construction of a new $16 million residence building.  Students impacted by the construction were notified early in August, and are able to express their concerns at an upcoming forum.  Some residences will only be accessible via side doors during construction. The Charlatan (Student Newspaper)

Attack Canada's income gap by educating "poor people"

Income disparities in Canada are "worsening", and an effort to target "certain groups of poor people would not only help alleviate poverty but also boost overall productivity in Canada."  The Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity, lead by Roger Martin, dean of the Rotman School of Management at uToronto, argues that Ontario is substantially behind other regions of North America, and that investment in skills training and encouraging entrepreneurs could close this gap. Poverty in Canada is seen persistently in high school dropouts, recent immigrants, single parents, disabled people, unattached middle-aged individuals, and aboriginals. The Globe & Mail

US liberal arts schools launch alternative to public rankings

19 "highly ranked" liberal arts colleges in the US have announced that they will release class sizes, graduation rates and other institutional statistics to the public, rather than exclusively to US News & World Report's annual rankings.  All 19 schools have also committed not to mention US News or any other rankings in future promotional materials, based on the belief that rankings "mislead the public into thinking American higher education can be reduced to one number," and also contribute to "admissions frenzy." The US backlash against rankings follows on the heels of similar objections in Canada.  The Chronicle of Higher Education (Subscription Required)

US competes for foreign students in a new global market

6 years after 9/11, international students are finally returning to American universities in healthy numbers.  Prior to 9/11, US schools were seeing almost non-stop growth in international student recruitment, but changes in visa requirements saw annual drops in enrolment between 2001 and 2005.  While the numbers are starting to perk up, they are still lower than what had been reached in 2001 at many schools.  In 2007, student recruitment now takes place in a global market, and US schools face competition from schools in Europe, Australia, and Canada, among others. University Business