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October 7, 2007

UBC opens new $3.4 million Science student centre

The $3.4 million Adbul Ladha Science Student Centre opened last Friday at the University of British Columbia.  The high-tech building was designed to be a "campus home" outside of the classroom.  UBC Alumnus Abdul Ladha donated the vision for the project and $1.3 million.  Undergraduate Science students voted for a $9 fee increase over 25 years to fund the remainder. 

Rotman and Massey argue over $92 million expansion

uToronto's Rotman School of Management and neighbouring Massey College are in conflict over Rotman's planned $91.8 million expansion -- in particular, a 10 to 13 storey building which would put Massey's quad in the shade.  Massey College is also concerned that students will be disturbed by the noise of construction. The Ontario government has committed $60 million to the expansion, uToronto $9 million, and the Rotman family another $2.8 million. 

NAIT may be the next stop on the LRT

Edmonton's Mayor is campaigning with the promise to continue pushing for an LRT line to the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology if he is re-elected.  Designs for the construction are already underway, and the former hotelier said that traffic flow in the city would be improved within 100 days of taking office. 

Acadia faculty vote in favour of strike for October 15

The Acadia University Faculty Association has voted 83.9% in favour of action up to and including a strike.  A strike deadline has been set for October 15.  Negotiations broke down in June and have yet to resume. 

uWindsor's "Thinking Forward" campaign launches in print and web

uWindsor's new marketing campaign hit the newsstands last Thursday, with full-colour ads in the Globe and Mail's Report on Business, as well as front sections of the Toronto Star and Windsor Star.  The ads will repeat throughout the fall and feature prominent alumni.  Ads will also run on,,,, and  The ads aim to build general awareness of the school, and boost its perception by opinion leaders.

UPEI considering indoor/outdoor smoking ban on campus

UPEI's student union is asking administration to hold off on an absolute campus smoking ban until there is more research into student opinion on the proposed policy. The university currently follows a provincial policy that requires all buildings to be smoke-free, and keeps smokers at least 4.5 metres from all entrances -- which the student union president feels is sufficient. UPEI believes a complete smoking ban would benefit the health and safety of students, staff and faculty.

uGuelph to start year earlier, against student opinion

The University of Guelph's senate has narrowly voted to cut the school's Orientation Week down from 5 days to 3.  First year students will have a shorter orientation period, and upper-year students will have to leave summer positions half a week earlier.  Students voted against the change, but the Senate motion passed regardless. 12 of Ontario's other 18 universities already start classes the week after Labour Day; uGuelph is now joining them. 

First-year girls at risk of binge eating and bulimia

Female students who move away to go to university are 3 times more likely to report binge eating behaviours, than girls who stay at home during their first year.  Binge eating can lead to bulimia.  Girls often will have healthy eating patterns until hit by a stressful event, at which point food is used as a coping mechanism. 

US court dismisses lawsuit over low grades

A 51-year-old paralegal pursuing bachelors degrees in legal studies and sociology at uMassachusetts at Amherst filed a 15-count lawsuit against the university when a grading curve turned his A-minus into a C.  Despite the student's claims of contractual rights and intentionally inflicted "emotional distress," a federal judge dismissed the case. 

HBO to explore racism in Duke lacrosse assault case

HBO plans to produce a movie about the Duke Lacrosse team rape case, having acquired the rights to a book on the topic -- Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case.  Racism and class issues, which helped the case leap into the national media spotlight, will be explored in the film.