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October 18, 2007

New Brunswick council of presidents to plan future of PSE

In the wake of protests sparked by the Commission on PSE's proposed merger of 3 university campuses to create polytechnics, New Brunswick has announced a working group of university presidents and college principals that will plan the future of PSE in the province.  No mention of the Commission's report was made in the announcement, although the president of UNB did say he saw a need for a "made in New Brunswick" model. 

York joins forces with "University Heights" to combat violence

Jane and Finch, also known as Toronto's "toughest" neighbourhood, will rebrand itself as "University Heights."  The new identity will hopefully bring the community and nearby York University closer together, particularly in the fight against violence.  York's "Village" was built next to the university in an effort to reach into the surrounding community, and is "very much in step" with the project to bring York and the Heights closer together. 

Alberta's colleges and institutes generate $458 million per year

A report prepared for the Alberta Association of Colleges and Technical Institutes found that $458.2 million in annual income is generated for the province by its colleges and institutes.  Lethbridge College, which plans to discuss the report in full later this week, was credited with contributing $35.3 million in regional income through its operations and spending.  The report also found that for every $1 invested by students in the college, they receive $5.70 in higher future earnings over the course of their working careers.

Carleton students happy with experience, but not reputation

Carleton University earned a "B-" from its students in this year's 2007 University Report Card for academic reputation, but a resounding "A-" was earned for overall satisfaction, quality of education and quality of teaching.  While Carleton students don't seem to think their school is getting much respect, they are happy with their choice to attend.  Nearby uOttawa received a "B+" for overall satisfaction and an equal "B-" for academic reputation.

COU commends Throne Speech and calls for attention to PSE

The Council of Ontario Universities is asking Canada's government to work with provinces to get PSE to the top of the pile.  The COU issued a statement of public support for Canada's Science and Technology strategy, and the government's commitment to building new infrastructure to ensure continued growth.  Investment in research and higher education drives innovation and growth in the country.  Infrastructure was cited as a priority in Tuesday's Throne Speech. 

NSCC and CBU announce increased enrolments in 2007

Despite discouraging enrolment numbers at many Maritime institutions, Nova Scotia Community College and Cape Breton University are both reporting increases in their numbers.  NSCC saw a 6.1% increase from last year, with 9,922 students across its 13 campuses.  CBU saw a 3.7% increase over last year. 

China claims larger share of international student recruitment

China has, to date, signed diploma, certificate and degree agreements with 30 different countries and regions around the world.  162,000 students from 185 different countries came to study in China's 500 universities and institutes during 2006 -- 3 times more than in 2000.  Students from Asia made up 74.3% of China's international student population.

USC follows in Berkeley's footsteps with new YouTube channel

The Chronicle of Higher Education is wondering how long before YouTube is hosting a channel for every university and college in the US.  UC-Berkeley launched a YouTube channel earlier this month and has seen more than 650,000 visitors and 6,000 subscribers.  The University of Southern California has followed suit, and launched its own channel this week -- already boasting more than 200 videos including lectures, film festival clips and a jazz performance.

Pennsylvania university creates dorm for commuter students

To enhance the sense of engagement and connection for commuter students, Mansfield University of Pennsylvania has opened the Commuter Connection: a dorm where commuter students can spend the night on campus, instead of making the long drive home.  Computer labs and lounges to use between classes are also available.

Maryland university president tripped up by Facebook photos

The president of Maryland's Salisbury University, Janet Dudley-Eshbach, has deleted her Facebook profile after being publicly questioned about uploaded photos from a family vacation in Mexico.  The pictures included joke captions that some have found offensive and racist.  Dudley-Eshbach had thought her Facebook privacy settings prevented those without access from seeing her photos.