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December 19, 2007

$378 million in CIHR funding, highlighting uCalgary Brain Institute

On Monday, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research announced 1,604 grants totalling $377.5 million, including $5 million for the University of Calgary's Hotchkiss Brain Institute, to be spread across 21 health research projects in a variety of areas including epilepsy, stroke, stress, and workplace mental health.  $36 million will stay in Alberta, split between uCalgary as well as uAberta and uLethbridge. 

Get your free profile page for SkoolPool™ on Facebook

Academica Group's research has found that prospective students want to engage with colleges and universities on Facebook, but on their own terms. We've developed SkoolPool to permit peer review and discussion, information sharing and communication with schools. With the free "Just the Basics" package, you can upload your school's logo, website and contact information.  "Start the conversation" with the 75% of Canadian applicants who use Facebook. 

$6 million for sustainability projects at St. Lawrence College

St. Lawrence College has received $6.4 million in facilities renewal funding to upgrade its existing essential infrastructure.  Its Kingston campus will receive a new chiller, to replace the current one which is 37 years old.  The new unit will be in place by the next cooling season.  The funds came from ReNew Ontario and the Energy Efficiency Fund, and will also be used to "significantly reduce energy consumption on all three campuses."

Canadian visa officer slams Punjab recruitment

A Canadian visa officer in New Delhi has sparked the temper of Canadian university and college leaders with his comments that "he did not understand why the heck we were recruiting in the Punjab; the state of the Punjab has the highest crime and forgery rate anywhere; the highest human-trafficking statistics in the world, and we should be recruiting in South India."  A delegation of BC institutional representatives visited India earlier this month to attract students and professionals to Canada.  Canada currently receives only 2,500 of a total 100,000 students from India who annually study abroad. 

uVic's psychology students tops in North America

uVictoria's psychology doctoral students have earned the highest average scores in North America on the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology.  The exam is required for all students who wish to become registered psychologists.  uVictoria's rank with the highest-scoring graduates is based on a full decade of scores.  The school's clinical psychology program focuses on the scientist-practitioner approach, and includes extensive research and supervised clinical experience. 

CBU hopes to offer expanded education programs

The results of a government-appointed panel on teacher education in Nova Scotia were due to be delivered this month, and Cape Breton University is waiting with bated breath.  Currently, CBU is offering Memorial University's program in Cape Breton -- and about $400,000 in tuition fees go to MUN annually.  If approved, CBU would like to offer a similar, 16-month program that would be extended to include elementary teachers and a special stream for Mi'kmaq students.

uWinnipeg leases "hot property" downtown

The University of Winnipeg has signed a 10-year lease on a sought-after piece of downtown property.  The university is considering using what used to be the United Army Surplus Sales building for a variety of purposes, including classrooms, a new downtown bookstore, office space or a café.  A retired metal structure on the building's roof may be put to use as a video billboard. 

Skills shortage sees businesses entering the classroom

PSE institutions in Northern Ontario are urged to expand mining programs to cope with a projected shortage of 100,000 skilled workers over the next decade. College Boréal is building a new 43,000 square foot Timmins campus that will accommodate an additional 262 students.  Demand for workers is so high that employers are starting to approach schools to make presentations and conduct interviews as early as a class' first term.  Cambrian College is also expanding, with 12 new stations and 80 more spots for machining and millwright apprentices. 

US campuses invest in expansion to lure top students

According to College Planning & Management, $15 billion worth of building was completed by US colleges and universities in 2006 -- a 260% increase compared to 1997.  University enrolments increased 24% over 1995 numbers, and a further 13% enrolment increase is anticipated by 2015.  Universities are competing to attract as many highly qualified applicants as possible, adding new facilities and services with abandon to win the applications of bright young minds. 

US college students become more caring and spiritual

Students become increasingly caring, spiritual and liberal during their first 3 years of college, according to a new UCLA study.  The national "Spirituality in Higher Education" project found that 50.4% of junior students believed that "integrating spirituality" into their lives was very important or essential, while only 42.8% of the same class felt so during their freshman year.  The same trend was seen for helping others, which jumped from 54.6% to 66.6% between the freshman and junior years.