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January 16, 2008

New Canadian brand for international recruitment

A $2 million investment from the federal government will help create "a single clear and consistent message" to represent Canada's colleges and universities while recruiting internationally. (Institutions will have to meet certain unspecified quality requirements to use the brand.) The national brand will focus on "providing high-quality education at a reasonable price" as well as the message that Canada "will equip you to succeed in whatever you want to do.

$14 billion transit investment extends SkyTrain to UBC

A $14 billion addition to British Columbia's public-transit systems will link the University of British Columbia via SkyTrain, as well as implement new light-rail systems and add new bus lines.  Vancouver already has a 49 kilometre SkyTrain system -- the longest in the world.  Extending the line onto UBC's campus is expected to cost $2.8 billion, and will be complete by 2020.

Memorial celebrates new research facility

Memorial University's Centre for the Study of Music, Media and Place is celebrating its fifth anniversary by moving into a brand new facility.  Funding from both federal and provincial levels have enabled the MMaP to add production stations, library and meeting room, offices and a performance area.

UCFV celebrates banner year in 2007

University College of the Fraser Valley is celebrating a year of first, bests, growth and change.  In 2007, UCFV launched new programs, unveiled new buildings and built new partnerships and also made strong steps towards achieving university status.  UCFV purchased land for a new Chilliwack campus and opened a state of the art Trades and Technology Centre, as well as its first-ever student residence and a new 1,400 seat gymnasium.  UCFV also conferred its first Masters degrees.

Bishop's University unveils new website

Bishop's University unveiled its redesigned website yesterday, including videos, blogs, student profiles and current news.  The site is improved by consistent design and navigation, as well as an increase in graphic and media content.

Nova Scotians participate in student aid review process

More than 600 individuals have weighed in online to help with Nova Scotia's student aid review.  More attended public forums on the topic last fall, including not just students but community members as well.  An external consultant is in the midst of summarizing the feedback received, and will report to the Education Minister at the end of the month, just in time for budget consideration.  Nova Scotia students currently pay the highest average tuition in Canada.

Campus pubs adapt to a younger student population

Jeff Dockeray, a representative of campus-based restaurant and pub operators, says that campus pubs are here to stay despite dramatically decreased alcohol sales.  Campus pubs are shifting to a restaurant model that better allows them to market to a student population that includes many under the legal drinking age.  Food and programming are the offerings of the new on-campus bar.  While many pubs are having trouble turning a profit, they are providing a safe on-campus venue for student activities -- which some schools feel is worth subsidizing.

Baby boomer offspring yield largest graduating class in history

US colleges and universities are gearing up for the "largest high school crop in history": 3.3 million high school students will graduate this spring. Most schools will turn away qualified applicants, and some will stretch their limits to take in a larger-than-ever freshman class.  To defeat an unprecedented number of competitors, many students are moving their safety schools into first-choice positions.  The boomers themselves reached a graduating class of 3.2 million, but less than 50% pursued PSE. 

Students caught by false online GED testing

The American Council on Education has issued a warning against using any online versions of the General Educational Development test.  The test, which is owned by the ACE, can only be taken in person at official locations.  The ACE has received reports of students who had paid to take an online or mail version of the test from uncertified vendors.  The ACE plans to release the locations of the fake providers. 

Ten recruitment tips for 2008

A new list of ten recruitment trends for 2008 covers a lot of familiar territory.  Tip #2 recommends tapping into the non-traditional pool of adult learners.  Tip #3 states that prospective students are increasingly focused on getting an employable education.  Tip #5 echoes many reports that word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most effective ways to influence prospectives.  Tip #7 says show students that they will have access to "all the comforts of home" while on campus.