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January 23, 2008

$63 million awarded to Atlantic researchers

Through the Atlantic Innovation Fund, the federal government has awarded $63 million in research funding across 29 Atlantic Canadian firms.  $17.7 million was awarded to research efforts in Newfoundland & Labrador, including 3 projects at Memorial University.  Asthma-related research at Dalhousie University received $2 million in funding.  A uMoncton collaboration with a private company received $1.5 million.  As reported yesterday, UPEI researchers received $4.3 million. 

uManitoba receives $8 million for health research

30 health research projects at the University of Manitoba have received $8 million in new funding through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).  uManitoba's Faculty of Medicine has been announced as one of nine new national Network Environments for Aboriginal Health Research (NEAHR).

CIHR funds 9 national aboriginal health network research environments

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research have announced $15.8 million over 3 years to create the Network Environment for Aboriginal Health Research (NEAHR).  9 network environments will be set up across the country including at the following universities: UBC, uAlberta, uRegina, uManitoba, uLaval, uToronto,  and Dalhousie University.

NBCC students call on government to resolve stalled strike

New Brunswick's minister of human resources is asking community college custodians to return to the bargaining table immediately.  New Brunswick Community College students hosted a press conference on Monday asking the government to restart the stalled negotiations, saying that unsanitary conditions on campus may soon interrupt classes.  CUPE 1251 has been on strike since January 10.

UPEI launches open-source website with Drupal

The University of Prince Edward Island is showing off a lovely new website design, powered by the open-source Drupal Content Management System (the same platform that underlies Academica Group's x2clicks CMS, and our own homepage).  The UPEI homepage features an aerial campus photo, a video welcome message, and prominent links targeting the prospective student audience. Last year, uCalgary also launched a website using Drupal.

Seeking a home for new uWindsor engineering complex

uWindsor's board of governors is set to decide the location of the university's new engineering complex, and Windsor's mayor is pushing hard for it to be in the downtown core.  The mayor has met with uWindsor's president and other administrators, and planned on delivering more data to support his proposal yesterday.  The $110 million project has received $40 million in provincial funding.

More and more women taking interest in trades education

The College of the North Atlantic reports that more women are taking interest in the trades, although men still make up the majority of students.  One female CNA student reports little concern over working in a male-dominated field, having found male colleagues very helpful in the past.  Female enrolment in non-traditional trades has increased by 35% in Newfoundland & Labrador since 2004. 

Millennials learn to share online turf with adults

Teens are increasingly being asked to share their online havens with adult acquaintances, from their parents and grandparents to teachers, employers, and the in-laws.  Some young people welcome being able to communicate with older family members through their own familiar channels such as text messaging and social networks.  Others are turning to newer, hotter technologies and sites -- such as Twitter and -- to reclaim their independence. 

Online students increase by 75% in Washington

Increasingly, students are doing their learning online, and community colleges are being given a large amount of credit for this trend.  The number of online learners in Washington state has increased by 75% in the last 4 years.  Online learning is often the only feasible solution for students who are also managing full-time employment or family commitments.

Email marketing best practices

Tuesday is the most popular day of the week for sending email, with more than a quarter of the week's mail being sent on this day.  Quite logically, Wednesday is the most popular day for opening emails. Only 9.1% of email is opened over the weekend.  Try sending your emails to land on a quieter day, when readers are less swamped.